Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Luxor's Graduation #1 post....

On our way to Luxor's graduation we stopped a Starbucks :0) the first picture is Dublin in Starbucks

Second picture is Dublin curled up in a ball between my feet on the floorboard, he sure enjoyed the heater!

The third picture, Dublin had to go to jail LOL, there are usually so many dogs that they ask some of us to crate them for the ceremony.

Fourth pic, us walking up to the main building to wait to meet Luxors new Human!

Fifth picture, A little shopping in the gift shop. Then they called us to go over to the dormatory building and we wait to meet Linda.

Sixth picture....First glimpse of Luxor in five months!!! And he is working, so cool, so happy he made a guide dog, he is a pretty special dog!!!

Seventh pic, You can tell from all the motion, Luxor recognized Meghan right away, he was pretty excited and so was Meg!!!

More to come....lots more!


  1. Great shots! Love the progression. Hope you had fun!

  2. So nice to see Luxor again! Bet Meghan loved it!

  3. Oh how awesome. What a great thing you are doing. I'll bet it is a little hard letting him go.

  4. Love your dogs! Labs are my favorite. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Love the last pic! They are so happy!

  6. This was neat! Thank you!



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