Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More on Luxor and Linda....

When we finally met Linda, she gave Meghan a wonderful present for raising Luxor. She gave her a small stuffed black Lab with a puppy jacket on, and a nice picture frame, a very nice thing for her to do.

Luxor looked great and he did remember us.

It was a very very nice visit, we sat and talked with Linda for an hour and a half! The time went by so fast!
Meghan told Linda all the stories about baby Luxor and taking him to school every day and everything he got to experience while he was with us. Luxor had a very well rounded raising, he went everywhere and did everything, school, hospital, grocery store, Mall, WAHSET meet, OMSI, and so much more! Linda was really impressed with that.

Luxor waited patiently between Meghan and Linda, he had been with Linda for two weeks of training at this point, and you can tell that they were already bonded.

It was so cool to get to see Luxor in his working harness, he still takes everything in stride and is the loving mellow guy that Meghan raised.

After we visited for awhile they came and got Linda to get ready for the Graduation ceremony, and left Luxor with us, I took pictures of Meghan and Luxor together, it was neat to see him looking for Linda too, so neat that they bonded so fast.

Linda really likes Luxor, it was hard for her to retire her old Guide, Preston, but he is getting arthritic and couldnt go on hikes and stuff with her anymore without being in pain. Luxor will love getting out and exploring with her.

They also had professional pictures taken, of all of us with Linda and Luxor, I love this picture with him looking at her like that.

Just sweet.

Graduation pictures next! All in all this was a great experience, I teared up a couple of times, but for the most part it was a really happy thing!
Linda emailed Meghan and told her Luxor started doing saumersalts for her LOL, he always used to do them for Dad, turn upside down between his legs, so he is really settleing in. Linda said he is learning all his routes and surprised her the other day with taking the turn to home for her without being told! She said he is great and learning so fast. I am glad he went to such a nice person.

This one is blury because everyone was moving a lot lol, Luxor remembered Dad too, of course I dont have a picture with me in it,(except for the pro ones) because I was taking all the pictures.


  1. Wonderful! tears here too and I never even met Luxor

  2. Everyone asks how we could give the dogs up, this is why, he is going to so help Linda have a better quality of life and be able to get out and do stuff she wouldnt otherwise do. They love them as much as we do too.

  3. What a doll! You guys do great work. =)


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