Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday stills, Fins, Feathers and Fur....

Mine came out in Fur, Feathers and Fins order LOL This first pic is Luxor and Dublin together, as in Fur. This picture is from Luxors Graduation, which my post next week will tell that story!

This next pic is of the beautiful Annas Hummingbird that was around all summer and my representative for
And Fins!!! Big Fins!!! Some of the last Sturgeon that Hubby caught out of the Columbia River, they all are over 42 inches long.

I havnt posted with Sunday Stills for a couple weekends, but I am keeping up on everyones pictures! I just havnt been out to take any new ones.
If you want to look at more Sunday Stills pics please go here


  1. Yowza! They are huge...and your hubby caught them hinself??!! Awesome! I've never seen them like that before, out of water. They are so dinosaur-looking. lol!

    I always enjoy seeing pics of Luxor and Dublin, too. And the hummingbird is quite a capture with all the movement they make. You did good!


  2. Great shots. Especially those HUGE fish!! :)

  3. Great shots. Especially those HUGE fish!! :)

  4. Wow! Look at the size of those fish! And the hummingbird is so cute. Love the photo of your dogs. Congrats on the graduation! :)

  5. those fish look slimey lol ewww :)
    the pup is a cute photo

  6. Lisa, I dont remember if Hubby caught these himself, probably one of them.
    dibear, yes sturgeon get huge, we have caught them from little tiny 8-10 inchers up to the biggest Hubby has brought to the boat was over 10 feet long!!!! Yes 10 feet. She went from the windshield to the transom in our 18 ft long boat!
    chloe, lol actually sturgeon are not slimey at all, they have skin like a shark, kinda rought, and those spins down the sides and top are very sharp in the young ones, the older ones 6 ft or so wear them down to nubs.
    thanks Heart of Texas and Ed, I had to search for that fish picture LOL

  7. Wow! I'll bet that was no small feat catching those Sturgeon. I've never seen one before.

  8. Your doggies are so cute! And the fish are so huge!

    Ebie's Sunday Stills Challenge.

  9. WOW! The fish around here never look like that!


  10. those fish look almost prehistoric!
    what are you plans for them?

  11. NuzzMuzz, those "little" one take 10 minutes or so to bring in sometimes. The really big "oversize" ones as they are called, over 6 foot, can take 20 minutes to a couple hours to bring up to the boat.

    Thanks Ebie!

    Linda, Yeah I dont remember there being fish this big in Colorado either lol, if there was any water left in the Colorado river??? Sturgeon are an ocean going fish.

    Violetsky, my husband fillets them out and we eat them or smoke them.
    they have a wonderful firm white big flaky meat, very mild. They are prehistoric, they havnt changed in thousands of years.

    Oh man this is making me want to go catch some sturgeon!!! They are fun to catch, and good to eat!

  12. Those fish are enormous!!! Wow, and making me hungry! Great shots.


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