Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday stills, Horses!

I like this picture, Emmas nose and me and her in the shadow, lol I didnt know I was in the shadow until I put the pictures on the computer.

Me riding Emma this last summer, to finally be in the saddle again after brain tumor surgery and a long long recovery, priceless.

Emma, during the lazy dog days of summer, eating apples near the tree.

Scenes from the barn, hoof trimming day, everything lined up on the stall wall, the hose, you can see out the stall door into the run.

Apple butt! lol, finishing up her hay that kept her busy while I did her feet, she is a wiggle worm.
Meghan on Easy, after we picked up the, then, new barrel saddle that I traded someone on Craigs list for, worked out very well, Meghan loved the saddle and it seemed to fit Easy just fine throughout the WAHSET season that she rode it in. This old mare will be 25 in March of '10, I cant believe she is that old, that means we have had her in the family for 21 years!

My favorite pony.

And last but not least, the fat old mare Mickey, who will be 21 in the new year, we are now the proud owners of old horses and old dogs LOL, but good ones!

That is my contribution to Sunday stills this week, I was excited when Ed said it woud be Horses! and we were going to be gone, I wasnt sure I would make it! but I did.
I cant wait to see everyone elses posts!!


  1. Nice pictures, you can tell from your photos you love your horses and dog.

  2. Awww thanks Regular guy, what a sweet thing to say. :0)

  3. Yes, your horses are well loved, well cared for and beautiful! Glad you made it! (The blog post) :)

  4. awww! I love it when people keep their animals for life. Give those oldsters a scritch from me and The Littlest Redhead!

  5. I loved seeing all your old, beautiful horses in one blog post. Emma's Apple butt photo and the photos of Meghan and Easy and you riding Emma were my faves, though. You've come a long way, that's for sure. You're and inspiration.


  6. Very nice, I hope ya got your Buck..:-)

  7. Great photos ! I have a few "lifers" here as well. I agree though I think Emma is my fav as well

  8. Great pics and kudos to you for getting back in the saddle.

  9. I wish I could come pet your horses!


  10. Fun pictures! Accumulating old horses is the best - they're the best ones to love on!

  11. Thank you everyone! for such wonderful comments, you are all great!

  12. Emma's so pretty, and I love her bridle.


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