Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dublin has to have dental work....

Poor little Dublin has to go have his lower baby canines pulled on Friday.
When I took him in for his second set of shots, the Vet noticed his teeth are not meeting well.

The right lower canine is pushing into the upper gum, it should be outside the gum line. There is a little purple spot where the tooth is hitting the roof of his mouth.

The left side is much better,(middle pic) both of the teeth are outside the gum like they are supposed to be.

Here it is again,(last picture) I wondered at first "Why do they have to pull both of them?" duh, to let the jaw grow symetrical you have to, so he will get them pulled on Friday. Hopefully this will correct the problem and his adult teeth will come in normal. He was so good while we held him and took pictures, just a little wiggly LOL.
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  1. I loooove that first picture, with the bandana. :o)

  2. Yeah, the angle of the teeth looks like it must hurt when he closes his mouth. Does he eat delicately?

  3. Dublin, you're a good lil' pup. Poor thing...that probably hurts too.

  4. Oh, he's such a cute little man!! I had to do the same thing with my lab after he had surgery to remove a mass in his mouth. Hopefully, it will be no big deal for Dublin and he'll be on the mend quickly!

  5. Thanks everyone, he should heal, and the Adult teeth are behind those.

    Nuzz Muzz, no he eats like a Lab LOL it doesnt seem to bother him. He chews and chews on his toys and juice bottles.

  6. Oh the poor little guy! I bet that hurts when he eats to have those teeth hit the roof of his mouth! He will feel so much better soon!

  7. I'm so glad vet's take care of teeth now. All puppies should live a long healthy life.


  8. Ah, poor Dublin. I hate the dentist!

  9. Dublin is doing great, I gave him a pain pill last night when we got home and again tonight because he was fussy and whining, which isnt normal, he settled down and went to sleep after the pill, so he was probably uncomfortable.
    He was up this morning and wanted breakfast and chewing on his giant rope and even wanting to play tug, so he is doing great!

  10. The poor guy! But I bet he will feel so much better after his dental work!

  11. Poor Dublin! I dislike going to the dentist and I'm mature enough to understand why it's so important, but dogs don't. Poor little bugger. Sure wish he didn't have that tooth problem, but it sounds like he came through ok and I hope he continues to heal and feel better.
    And most of all that his adult teeth come in normally.


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