Monday, November 2, 2009

More Dublin....

Dublin is getting big now! He weights 25lbs, and is 3 times bigger than Teddy, he was a little smaller than Teddy when we brought him home. He is starting to look like a big dog. Dublin has a canine tooth on the bottom left that is pressing into his gums, we are waiting on word from Guide Dogs on what to do, my Vet recommended that the tooth be pulled, so we are waiting and seeing what GD says. I have to take some photos of it to send to our club leader to send to GD.

Mom what are you doing now! LOL
Isnt he cute in his camo bandanna? He went with us on our drive last Sunday, he pretty much slept the whole day.

This was his spot for the whole drive LOL He was a very good puppy for being in the truck for 8 hours, with breaks of course.

Spend all that money on toys and his favorite is an old juice bottle LOL

He wasnt going to let go of it, this entertains him for a long time! I have had to throw one away so far because he about had the bottom chewed out of it.


  1. What a cutie ! He is growing up nicely,it is amazing how fast they grow

  2. He is oh so cute!! How nice that he's thrifty too! That's a lot better than spending big bucks on toys!

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  4. What a gorgeous boy. Oh, I miss my Lab so much...they are the best.

  5. lol! Mine!

    He's so adorable...and much bigger already, too!



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