Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday stills, the letter T....

He he he, I have a good one for this weeks post, we have been gone all day so I am posting late. I didnt know why I took this picture when the opportunity presented itself, now I do, I guess, LOL LOL

And you cant have T without trees!

Arent these old Alder trees cool, covered in moss and they are huge! I really liked thier mirrored symetry.

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We just had a quiet Thanksgiving with the two of us, turkey and the fixins, Apple pie and chocolate cream, yumm yum. I didnt take any pictures.


  1. Love the trees! Isn't that moss so great? For pictures anyways!
    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. LOL! Yep can't be without those.:-)

  3. Great post! You did a really nice job and I too love the trees!


  4. Wow. That trees photo is awesome. Good for you noticing and capturing such a unique photo. And the moss is cool. We don't have much moss here in New Mexico. lol!

    Funny that you took the picture of the toilets sign. I wonder what you were thinking? lol!

    I'm glad you enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your family.

  5. Yes, those are awesome trees. I'm also glad there are toilets among the trees.


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