Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Iron Mike....

Leaf strewn trail on the way down to Iron Mike.

Picnic table beside the trail, lots of Fall leaves, covering everything.

Bridge over the creek, leading to the gazebo.

The creek through the leaves, hard to see anything else with the covering of leaves. I dont think this creek probably even has a name, small rivlets like this are all over this country, then they disappear when the rain stops. We get a lot of rain.

And finally, Iron Mike is a spring, it tastes horrible by the way, lol, a lot of sulpher smell and taste.

The well itself. You pull up on that little brass knob on the top right, and the water slowly comes up, and fills the bowel, I think it was off for the winter, I couldnt get any to come up.

A little close up of the well pump from the other side. There are benchs to sit on too, it is a beautiful cool place in the summer.

The bridge looking back toward the parking lot, where the sign says the old Lodge used to be.

More trees to the left on the way up the little hill by the bridge.

And the whole reason we were here in the AM, the toilet LOL. Usually there is grass in the middle of this clearing, but the leaves have covered everything.

We had snow the next day.

Snow! Wet cold snow, made a pretty Winter wonderland though.

The road out in the snow.
This is a very small campground with only a dozen camp spots, it is a very beautiful place, with lots of old growth fir trees and an old government cabin that you can rent, it was rented by the way. Also there is private land plots where people have cabins too.

Here is one of the cabins.

The cabin is really cute, with trees cut out of the shutters. This one is called the Govenment Mineral Springs Gaurde station. http://www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/recreation/cabins/#Government Here is a link to the rental information about the cabins in the area, a lot of history in some of these places.

Last but not least, some of the beautiful old trees on the road in and out of the Mineral Springs.


  1. Looks like a gorgeous, peaceful place. I love the photo with the path and the snowy tree.

  2. What a beautiful place ! thanks for taking us on a tour

  3. Greetings from England. Your blog is really lovely. We have horses, too. Come and have a visit some time, you are always welcome.

  4. Wow! Such big beautiful trees. I often miss them here, as all we have our pinons, junipers, pines and some scrub oak. It's green all year here, even when it's white with snow and I suppose I should be thankful not to have any leaves to rake up. lol!



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