Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More hunting pictures....

Our Home away from Home for 4 days. The camper has a great heater! But alas she is on her last legs, she needs a lot of rebuilding and jack remounting, she is a 1976 model, so she has done her time, sigh.

This is a big 4 pt or better buck! I could not get a good picture of him! To bad he was in town on private property LOL

We seen a Bald Eagle, that was with a bunch of Crows eating on some Elk carcass's that someone dumped. Didnt know that our national bird was a carrion eater did ya LOL

This is a little Doe we seen right by camp.

Elk in the woods! They are there! LOL

This is actually the rag horn bull that was with the herd of 8-10, and the only picture I could get of him!

The illusive mushroom hunting monster! LOL

There he is....

He was moving so he is blurry, but he found mushrooms! Which went in our Thanksgiving stuffing!

We spent a lot of time relaxing around the campfire.

Campfire at night.

My Hubby

Can you see it? This stump looked like a black bear all weekend LOL and kept catching my eye.

Cold mountains!

There were a lot of roads we couldnt get up, the snow was to deep, and sloppy wet! Easy stuff to get stuck in. Slicker than snot! One of the first snow falls of the year.
The Wind River, a still wild river that comes right out of the Mtns, clear and cold! Salmon and Steelhead still run wild in this river, I remember trout fishing it as a kid, but I believe it is closed up this far now.
It was to long since we got to go out and spend time in hunting camp and fill our souls with the wilderness. We didnt feel skunked at all, seen some deer, nothing harvestable, seen two different herds of Elk and a Bald Eagle, and we had a good time, whats better than that!!!


  1. Oh my! If I had a camper like that I probably really would live at the barn -- especially when the weather is bad, like right now. I worry about Panama!

  2. Wow! All that wildlife you saw. How cool! And that stump caught my breath, too, util you said it wasn't a bear. You two are brave, hardy souls to camp in winter. Your hubby looks like he's in his element and loving his time outside.

    Your camper is two years older than me! Sometimes I think I could use an overhaul, too. lol!


  3. That stump does look like a bear! That was the first thing I saw before I read the caption! Glad you had a great trip.


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