Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday stills, Technology....

Ahhhh, my computer, how I can keep in touch with all of you out there in Blogger land.
It keeps me entertained I guess, between Blogger and Facebook. What in the world did I do before the commputer? LOL LOL

And our 46 inch LCD TV, that we just had fixed for the second time, the picture panel has gone out twice, starting with lines in the screen ((sigh))) It pays to get the insurance policy they sell when you purchase large electronics, this one is still under manufacturer warrenty, but that will be up in Jan., and we have a 3 year insurance policy to cover it after that.  Before we had this TV we had a 42 inch plasma that also went out, unfortunatly we had to eat that, we didnt buy an insurance policy when we purchased it, you live and learn!

So this in my contribution to the Technology post, what cant you live without now days? Cell phone, PDA,I Pod, Laptop, large screen TV.....Oh! and I cant forget my Digital Camera!!
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  1. Absolutely true...gotta keep up with the bloggers!

    46"??? That'd be pretty cool...hope the troubles are over with it.

  2. After reading your post I guess my hubby is right...we dont need a 42"LCD flat screen TV when our 12 yr. old 32" TV is still working just fine. :):)

  3. I love Love LOVE L O V E my computers. Yes, I have a few of them including a lap top. I can't do without them and high speed internet. I can do without TV, cell phones, Ipods, and I think I could actually do without a land line phone. But, my computers would not be anything if it were not for my camera. I'd sleep with my camera, but I think I would roll over on it and break it. LoL.

  4. Seems like alot of folks are having troubles with their big flat screens....:-)

  5. I rarely ever watch TV, but my laptop....well I actually do sleep with it. It lays on the side of the bed where my husband would sleep if he were home and not on the road all over the U.S. lol!

    Good subjects for the challenge. Good photos.


  6. And the DIGITAL CAMERA! Oh how right you are!



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