Monday, December 14, 2009


I was surprised when we seen a Carosel at the Christmas Bazaar, I love Carosels, so I went into "tourest mode" as my Hubby calls it and took a bunch of pictures of the horses I liked.

Loved the Zebra, colorful and they actually had quite a bit of detail for a more modern Carosel, there is a really old one at a local Mall, we will have to go over there just to take pictues of it.

The artistry that goes into a Carosel, I just love it.

This is a very small carosel, but a pretty one.

The romance of a Carosel, the old one I am talking about even has the brass ring to grab I think! Just have to go over there. I even have a favorite horse on the Carosel that I remember from when I was a child and rode the Carosel, it is light blue with a big full curly carved mane in black, and jewels on it. I understand they rotate the old horses every once and awhile, and I dont remember seeing it when we were there last January.

Jantzen Beach, where the old Carosel is has some really unique history if you are a history buff, the first link has one picture of the carosel, and the second link is history of Jantzen Beach including that Carosel, with some old pictures of it.

Do any of you have an old Carosel from fairs or Malls that you remember?

OH! I found a site finally that has pictures of the Jantzen Beach "Parker Carosel"
Check them out they are gorgeous! Didnt see my favorite, but it is a lot like the black one with the yellow mane.


  1. aha! I knew we must be kindred spirits ! I have always loved carousels as well , there are a kind of magic from our childhood

  2. Ah, I love carousels!! I used to think the ride was so lame and boring, but I loved looking at all the horses and imagining they were real. I haven't seen a great carousel in ages.. Great photos and a trip down memory lane! Thanks!

  3. Now I am wishing to ride a carousel right now. After not being able to ride for a year, a carousel horse would be just the thing to give me some of that old riding joy back again.
    I have always loved carousels! My daughter does, too. And we love to ride over and over together. She always chooses the zebras. My sons, if they ride, will choose the oddities, like the ostrich, duck, lion or giraffe! lol!
    Your photos are wonderful.

    I love carousels!


  4. I would have went into tourist mode too! Loved it!

  5. Well who wouldn't!? I love carousel Horses! I have always wanted one. Yet they are so expensive! Great shots thanks. You are not alone:)

  6. I love carosel's too... its the only ride I dont get sick on, ***sigh*** so romantic... Makes me want one of those Huge Round lollipops, cotton candy...Have a great day!


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