Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mt. Hood climbers missing

Mt Hood in the clouds.

Very very beautiful, very deadly.
Mt Hood, Oregon.
Again she is claiming more lives.
They found one hiker, dead, two of his
fellows a man and a woman are
still missing.
She has claimed many lately it seems.
Why o why cant these people rent
the emergency beacons that could
save their lives????
There are still two people, that they
never found, from last year, in a
snowy grave, they didnt take
beacons either.

I hope the many many rescue people and National Gaurd helicopters stay safe and have a successful search, its been two days....Hope is still alive.

For more info see this news story

If they had a beacon, rescue would know where to look for them
and they would already be home.
For the sake of your familys and loved ones,
please rent a beacon if
you plan on climbing the mtn.


  1. Oh my ! how horrible. Prayers to the families and best of luck to the searchers

  2. Too many folks go hiking on that mountain and have no clue as to the dangers, they go out unequipted and expect nothing bad is going to happen, its a bummer..

  3. And apparently looking for Christmas Trees, too. I'm so glad that the couple with the 4 children were finally able to get their care unstuck after two days stuck in the snow in Oregon while looking for their family's tree.
    Otherwise 4 children would be without parents this Christmas....and wouldn't have cared whether thay had a tree or not. :(


  4. Everyone always thinks it will never happen to them...and then it does.


  5. So sad and scary. We always think "It won't happen to us". I hope they find these people, despite the odds.


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