Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A quiet Christmas....

I didnt take a lot of pictures this Christmas for some reason. Here is our Christmas tree all loaded up a couple days before Christmas. We went to my folks on Christmas Eve and I forgot the camera, and then on Christmas day we drove up to Meghans boyfriend, David's Moms house in Trout Lake, Wa.

In the couple of days before Christmas we made some hand poured chocolates,

It was fun and we had a friend join us for the day, Carissa.

We also made sugar cookies and later frosted them.
Carissa brought one of their favorite recipes for us to try, and it is good!

This is what Dublin did while we did candy and cookies! LOL

The view off of Cape Horn, on the way up to Trout Lake on Christmas day, boy was it windy! You can see all the white caps on the river! And COLD! The farther East we got the cloudyer it got, by the time we got to the house it was grey overcast.

Boneville Dam on the Columbia River.

The snow at the top of the Columbia Gorge, just above Boneville Dam. I tried to catch the light but was to slow, the sun beams were coming over the mtn and looking beautiful!

Following David and Meghan, David in his new little Subaru! There is a lot of snow in Trout Lake, but the roads were clear.

This building is HUGE, and we had to ask Davids Mom, Nancy what it was, it is the largest echenacia farm in the United States! Nancy said in the summer that the fields are full of beautiful pink flowers. This farm is across the street basically from Nancy's house.

And that is all the pictures I took this Christmas, it was very quiet and we got to have Prime Rib roast two days in a row! Yum Yum LOL All the food was wonderful and I think I have gained weight LOL
We had plans to go up to my cousins for New Years Eve, but mother nature isnt co operating and left us this last night....

We ended up with about an inch or two of snow, (we are only 98 feet above sea level) (((sigh))), looks like it will be a quiet New Years, at home too. My cousin said they are expecting 4-5 inches of snow and then freezing rain over in Kittitas, Wa. so we decided to stay home, the 4 wheel drive is not working in the truck for some reason so we cant risk getting stuck in the bad weather. It would have been nice to go see my cousin over in central Wa. but mother nature just isnt co operating, the Gorge is snowy too and is pretty nasty after this last bout of snow and thats where we have to go through, last night the highway was closed for 4 hours do to a Semi jack knife. We have decided to go up in March after the bad weather is mostly over. I really cant wait for spring!


  1. Stay safe and warm. And have a Happy New Year!

  2. Well, your tree was beautiful...and I remember your candy making from last year too! Good for you (I barely got my apple pie made). You did quite a bit of traveling, and it sounded like a great time.

    That's interesting about the echenacia farm...looked like a horse barn! I bet it's gorgeous with the flowers blooming.

    Stay warm and I wish you many blessings in the coming New Year!

    Happy Trails~

  3. Sorry I didn't get to wish you a Merry Christmas, but it sounds like you enjoyed a nice holiday. So, let me wish you Happy New Year before it's too late!! :)
    Isn't Trout Lake a beautiful area? I wouldn't mind living around there. Wishing for you a wonderful 2010!

  4. It's been an odd winter here too. It has snowed 3 times in December alone, though not more than a couple inches at a time. Still, interesting.

    Happy New Year!

  5. gtyyup, yeah thats what I thought when I seen that barn! But alas it is devoted to herbs LOL LOL

    Thanks C-ingspots! Yes Trout lake is a beautiful place, I think the Glenwood valley is even prettier!

    Thanks fernvalley!

    And a merry merry and have a safe and Happy New Year too!

  6. The photos are beautiful! You might be freezing, but it makes for good photography! Glad you had a great holiday, and the cookies/chocolates look great. Mmmmm...

  7. Oh oh oh! I love the horse-shaped cookies -- I need to get cookie cutters like that! Where on earth did you find those???

    I started off 2010 by cleaning my desk, and guess what I found? A horse book! So I decided to do another book giveaway, except this time with a little bit of a twist -- do you mind mentioning it on your blog? I'd love to get some good horse stories -- see the post to see what I mean:

  8. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!
    Beautiful pictures!
    Happy New Years!!

  9. I've been away from BLOGGER for a while...WOW...DUBLIN is getting HUGE! Oh my gosh! More Dublin updates please!

    Love the new look too!


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