Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dublin pictures....and progress update.

I havnt posted many new pictures of the puppy lately, he is such a goof! LOL and a good boy!

Dublin likes his Kitty, and she tolerates him well.

Dublin sleeps upside down a lot.

The old dogs napping, and Dublin squishing himself into Teddy's bed.

Silly old furballs.

Dublin is growing so fast, he fit into his big boy collar the other day, no more little puppy collar. He is 5 and a half months old now! He is doing good on his outings, we went to the bank and for a walk in downtown Camas the other day. We only had one little incident, with a small Chihuahua in the store front of an automotive shop, windows floor to ceiling. The darn dog scared both of us by hitting the window and barking like he was going to tear us up LOL, he was all of maybe 5 pounds. After we walked by Dub had a little pee incident on the sidewalk at the corner, I think the little dog excited him, I corrected him and we went on around the block and back to the truck.

 Then we went to the Washougal Post Office and got the mail and walked around downtown Washougal too, we went into a little cafe called Papa's, it is a really cute icecream and candy shop, and now they serve hot food too, and coffee and tea, a nice place.(I had a Chai and had Dublin sit with me and he did great again, just watching people.)  Out in back of the cafe is a big courtyard and a large set of stairs, we worked up and down the stairs some, he did wonderful, and then we walked back to the truck again and went for a quick run into Bi-Mart.
Dublin is jumping in and out of our truck now, and doing good, he is getting so big!
He did real good, except for the little dog incident LOL, I was really happy with how he dealt with that though, he jumped and then just looked and didnt get too excited, he didnt run or anything.(except for peeing, we need to get out more, it wasnt much, but he did it, and if he continues to have relieving accidents it can cause him to be "career changed" and not be able to be a guide. He is only 5 and a half months, and we still have a lot of time and work to do so we will see.)
We missed the Guide Dogs club field trip to Porland, because I dont think that I was up to riding Max and going into Portland in the rain and dark and cold, they didnt meet untill 6:20pm to catch the Max into downtown Potland, with my problems just driving in the dark and rain and walking in the dark, cold, and rain, I dont think I would have done so well. With my disabilities now, I didnt really like the idea of riding the Max train in the dark, and late at night. I really would like to go maybe in the spring or summer though, I do agree it is a great experience for the puppies.

At home Dublin has graduated to sleeping on the tie down in the living room with me, he is doing great and very quiet at night. So he isnt sleeping in the crate at night anymore.
We puchased one of those Pedi-paws nail "grinders" LOL and Dublin doesnt care about it he is so funny and just sniffs and sniffs and tries to lick it LOL he is so good about new things, he has been an easy puppy to raise so far, and is getting better and better!


  1. That's adorable how all your pets cuddle. Sometimes I want to go into the horses' stall and night and spoon with them, but I don't think they'd take it too well.

  2. Wanted to pop over and wish you guys- and the kids so far away- a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

    Here's praying 2010 rocks for you, and that the kids stay safe and secure in their duties.

  3. Glad Dublin is doing so well, and love the snuggly pictures! May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. I love those pictures of Dublin and the cat sleeping together! Amazing -- they both are so relaxed!

    I saw a service puppy in training at the bookstore yesterday and I thought of you and Dublin. He acted very grown up, even though he was young and had to trot along quite quickly in order to keep up with his trainer. :o)

    More Dublin pictures and stories, please -- I love to hear about how he's doing!

  5. I love Dublin! If he had to be career changed, I'd be first in line to adopt his cute little butt!

  6. I enjoy so much these posts of training a guide dog, there is so much to learn (on my part) that the whole thing is never boring.


  7. Those photos are just so precious! Dublin is such a good pup!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


  8. What a good boy!!! Lots of treats for Dublin!!

    I don't blame you about riding Max downtown in the dark...I wouldn't do it either! Summer will be a much better time to do that.


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