Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday stills, Holiday lighs and Decorations....

Two of three new ornaments that I purchased this year. One for Dublin and one for Luxor, I am going to put their names on them. I thought they were just perfect a black and a yellow Lab!

The third new ornament, I thought he was adorable! He glows when the lights are on.

Our tree topper is a rainbow trout! LOL Hubby and I were excited when we found this a few years ago, so perfect for us. Yes I have fishing signs, and more on my walls LOL

This is one of my favorites, OK I have a lot of favorites, you put one of the Christmas lights inside this to light it up, reminds me of camping.

This is a big ornament, probably 7 inches high. I copied this from a photo in an advertisement in a magazine, I even cut the wood out, then painted it. There is a bobber Santa next to it, I like to collect a lot of ornaments, I tend to stick with a fishing, hunting theme, but a lot of Santas and bears sneak in there LOL

My bear collection, I love the ones with the different shaped hangers, and the little one is riding a stick reindeer.

Another ornament I cut out of wood and painted. I tend to hang some differnt things on the tree, next to this one is a pencil made out of a tree brach, with the bark on it, we recieved some for Christmas one year and I tied a ribbon on it and hung it in the tree.

Lots of ornament that the kids made in school, this is my oldest two when they were each 5 years old, would have been Kindergarten. Where does the time go!

Well thats my post for Sunday Stills today, if you want to see more go here


  1. Very cool, the trout tree topper is way cool..:-)

  2. Lovely ornaments...especially the ones you got this year for the pups!
    That dancin' dude horse is really cute..made me smile as well!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Great decorations , I love the trees with lots of variety

  4. Great choice of ornaments and the trout tree topper takes the prize. :)

  5. Love the ornaments and the ones you made are fantastic!

  6. Love them all! I like the lantern ornament too. And I love the Santa that you painted! You did a great job!

  7. It's really impressive that you've created some of your own ornaments! Very handy.

  8. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!


  9. Wow! You have some real talent there. I love your handmade ornaments!
    The trout tree topper is hilarious! I bet it makes you smile every time you see it up there.
    I also like the dog ornaments, too. That's the way ornaments end up on my tree, too. I don't care if they make my tree look stylish or perfect or fit any theme. As longs as they mean something to me, and make me happy....they end up on our tree each year. :)

    Merry Christmas to you!


  10. Very cute ornaments!! I try to buy a few every year. I love lots of ornaments on my tree!

  11. Adorable ornaments. Love the dogs in the mittens and that trout tree topper...fabulous!


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