Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Easy, aka Pines Bundle, second installment.

Pines Bundle is Easy's registered name, not much creativity there, she is out of Pines Get and Fancy Bundle. Pines Get is a Poco Pine son out of Poco Bueno. That is her only claim to fame, the rest of her bloodlines are racing lines. She is 15.1, and 1000lbs. She failed as a cutting horse candidate because of her flighty nature. She is a highly nervous horse, and a little unconfident. She has always been hard to catch. I used to have to, at my folks house, open the back barn door and just go out and follow her around until she gave up and finally went in the barn, took patience. She still runs from us in the field, she got a lot better after Meghan did some Parelli with her, but I am getting ahead of myself. She has the name "Easy" as in e-a-s-y girl, because of her nervous nature. Its funny with Moms geldings she is boss mare, but with my mares she is bottom of the totem pole.

In 1990 I married my currant husband, and him not a horse person, to his credit he tried, but it just isnt his thing. Meghan was born in 1991.

I rode Easy for a few years, took her out to a stable and cleaned stalls for board, with Meghan in a backpack on my back. Either that our she would sleep in the stroller in the tack room. Until she got to big and wouldn't stay put and I had to quit. I used to clean about 23 stalls a day for 75cents a stall, board was $170. mo. I spent a lot of riding time on her, she is great on the trails and always ready to go. She is a great huntseat horse, the girls never developed a love for huntseat. I once had a jumping trainer compliment her on her mind. I was riding in the arena when they were practicing, and going right next to a jump when someone was going over it, she never flinched or sped up or anything. She does have a good mind, when worked with regular, LOL. After our time at the barn she went back to my folks house. Dad wouldn't sell her to me, much to my disappointment.

We did a lot of trail riding with Easy and Dusty, Mom and I went to a fundraiser poker ride up in Lyle WA in 1989, had a blast, seen beautiful country, had John on behind me and Mom had Sara behind her, they were 3 and 4 at the time. Easy is an absolutly awsome trail horse, she will go through, around and over anything she is asked to, and she is always the one we send first when the others refuse. Kinda funny for a flighty nervous horse huh.

In about 1995 when Sara was 9, she started riding Easy. She was finally old enough to do 4-H! so we started an 11 year 4-H career. Arent they cute!

There is a lot more to the story..........


  1. Easy is SUCH a pretty girl. Lovely coloring and what a gentle face! :o)

  2. Lovely mare , looking forward to the rest of her story.

  3. You new banner is great! Did you take that picture?

    I love easy. I think I said before that she reminds me of our mare, Ginger. Enjoy hearing about your life with her! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tammy, Yes I took the picture, on a trail ride a friend and I went on a couple years ago. Its one of my favorites, she about killed me LOL 6 hour trail ride and us out of shape, literally had tennis ball size swelling on my butt bones LOL ouch, Emma is not real smooth, I need a gel seat.

  5. Oh I forgot, my friend was riding a Foxtrotter, so she rubbed that in LOL


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