Saturday, December 13, 2008

Old Dusty and foals she gave mom.

This is the old mare at 27 years old the fall before she died, its hard to believe its been 5 years already, she died at the ripe old age of 28 of natural causes in her stall. She still looked pretty darn good for as old as she was getting.
Dustys first foal is a half Arab gelding, Sunny, or Dustys Sundance as mom named him, I couldnt find an adult pic of him in my stuff, he is a light buckskin, instead of having black points he has brown points, as did his mama, typical half Arab look to him. Lots of mane and tail. LOL and he has Arab gaits, which mom has always had a problem sitting after riding QHs for so long, the way they move is so different.

This is Dustys last foal, Dustys Valentine, mom named him. he was a bit of a puzzle when he was born because we had never seen a cremello before, in this pic I can see the star on his face, and maybe some socks, he is so light colored it is hard to tell. Val is out of a QH stud that is a Hollywood gold bar, son. Hollywoods Dynamo, he is in his late 20s now. Having the buttermilk buckskin and the stud is a very strong gene palomino, we got the cremello, he has the most gorgeous blue eyes. Mom still has these two, she was greatly disappointed that Dusty didnt give her a filly to carry on the maternal line.

Thats all about Dusty now, Man will be my next story.


  1. Old Dusty was a beauty!
    I do love the look of Cremello's...Trail Riding Cowgril Just bought one.
    Hope you are having a nice season!

  2. I really enjoyed the stories and pic of Dusty! She was really pretty, beautiful coloring. She did look great for 27. I hope My Boy lives a healthy, long and usable life!


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