Friday, December 12, 2008

Funny story from Sara.......

Just a quick note.....

Sara is driving from Mississippi to Texas today after finishing some weather schooling in Biloxi. She called me laughing and said she was driving through Louisiana and there was 3 inches of snow and snowmen on the median in the middle of the highway LOL, not just one or two but a whole bunch, she said traffic must have been stopped for awhile last night or this morning. I guess its been awhile since folks have seen snow down there, it just struck her as funny, and it made me laugh, so I thought I would pass it on.

oooo.... our nasty storm has come in, wet and cold and snow tomorrow, I think I will leave the girls in today.


  1. That's a funny story! Not much else you can do when you're stuck like that!

  2. Boy it is a weekend for bad weather all around huh?
    Stay warm and safe.

  3. Hi...thanks for stopping over at EquineMine...I will get you on the blog roll and catch up on your story. Nice to meet you:-)

  4. Hi...thanks for stopping over at Equine Mine..I will get you on the blog roll and catch up on your story. Nice to meet you!

  5. gtyyup, it funny that you changed your name back to your nickname. I have a girlfriend that is gteup, and has a personal plate too LOL

    I just have mental pics of all these people getting out of thier cars and making snowmen, and having snowball fights LOL

    fernvalley, we sure dont get it as bad as you folks up there! I like a little snow, our humidity is so high that it makes for a bone chilling wet cold though.


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