Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday weather update........

The mares are so funny, they are all but impossible sometimes to get pictures of, they always have to come and see if I have cookies. See all the water around Emma in the first pic.? It has all gone down now, its not drying out and there still is a lot of snow to melt.Got cookies mom?

Any cookies mom? I gues it could be worse LOL I could not have friendly horses.

I tried the next day too and I had both of them coming to check me out, and rather disappointed I didnt have any cookies. Looks like I still need to mess with settings on my new camera, these look a little dark. I love how it shows so much detail ie Emmas wooly coat.

Easy, she just stands off to the side and waits for you to bring it to her, if she doesnt decide to run away LOL goofy old bat.


  1. I'm still trying to figure out my camera and I've had it 2 years now!!

    Hey...FYI, your blog name is showing as a period...yep, one of these: . a period...thought you might want to know.

  2. Thanks gtyyup, I couldnt tell it was doing that. Thats what I get for messing around LOL

  3. Well the name should be fixed now. Figured out what I left out.

  4. MY camera has a snow setting, hmmm I will be keeping my instruction book with me.

  5. I just love the look of Appies in the snow! :-)

  6. Me to pony girl, shows off them sexy spots LOL


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