Saturday, December 20, 2008

A little more about Luxor.....

Luxor as a little puppy all dressed up to go out.
Luxor is our daughters Senior project. He is a guide dog puppy, and hopefully will go on to be a guide dog. We think he is going to be a breeder first though, as he is 13 mo. old and Guide Dogs has not fixed him yet. This is a really neat thing to do if you have the time to raise a puppy for Guide Dogs. Here is the link to them if you are interested. Yes Luxor will be going back soon we dont know when, but sometime soon.
Here is Luxors Christmas picture, I made it into our Christmas card this year. It is the perfect dog torture picture with his eyes closed LOL.

When you take on a guide dog it is a big responsibility, this was at a training evaluation that he had, he passed with flying colors, it was a distraction test with a little dog. When they did the orientation for this test, there were 30 dogs in one room, and you couldnt hear a thing, these dogs are amazing!
This time we got to go over by the Portland airport, to the Horizon air training facility and Luxor got to be stuffed under and airplane seat. It is a partial plane in a warehouse, kinda weird.

I took a picture of this puppy because she was just so darn cute!
The only German Shepard in our club. She has left for training.
Luxor saying HI to his babysitter. When we have to go somewhere for an extended time, you ask for someone to take care of them for that time, we had gone to the fair for 5 days, and we didnt want to have him and a horse to deal with.We get to go on a lot of fun field trips too. Dad and Meg went to OMSI with Luxor for one. This is an excursion to the Pumpkin patch at BZ farms in Vancouver WA. I followed the kids through the corn maze.....
And we got to pick out pumpkins, Luxor was protesting his Halti (some people think its a muzzle, but it is relay like a horse halter) that the puppies wear, it is a good candid shot of him and Meghan.

Luxor got to play with one of the other puppies for awhile, the club had dinner for us after getting to explore the pumpkin patch and the corn maze, they had a lot of other activities too. We got to ride in a trailer behind a tractor out to the actual pumpkin patch.

And Luxor will carry anything that he thinks is special, here is a pom pom he got to carry around school. Right now he carries around his Santa hat. At Halloween he had a giant stuffed spider that he carried around school.
Luxor goes to school every day with Meghan, so he has gotten a lot of exposure to just about everything, he is so good in the grocery store or shopping, sometimes he is so quiet you dont know he is there. This whole thing has been such a fun experience so far, I know we will be sad when he goes back for training, but they will give us updates on his progress. I highly recommend it to anyone interested. We go to club meeting one time a month, and do a little training at each meeting. I am sure I will have more goofy Luxor pictures, if I havnt posted a few of these already.
He is the smartest dog is Luxor although Meghan says he is "dumb" LOL jokingly of course. I have never met a more visual dog, he watches TV, which isnt that extraordinary, but when we took him to the Vet for his hives he was actually looking at the pictures of dogs on the wall! That was strange LOL, most dogs just ignore that stuff. His and all the puppies personalitys and tractability, and trainability say a lot for Guide Dogs breeding program.


  1. Somehow I missed that Luxor is a training dog...that will be so hard to see him go, but what a wonderful opportunity. He really goes to school every day with Meghan? The school allows it? I'm surprised.

  2. ya Luxor is a puppy in training. The school just loves him, they are upset with Meghan when she leaves him home LOL, The principal is the worst, he always wants to know where "his dog" is LOL.

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