Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fascination with S P O T S..........

Appy spots that is........
I dont remember how old I was when I became fascinated with Appaloosa SPOTS. We never had Appaloosas when I was growing up, but friends of ours did.
This is a good family friend, we did 4-H together, Kelly on Pumpkin, she was a realy cute mare, I remember her having hauling problems though. Kelly used to take lessons with Richard Schrake, and I went with them once, and saw the most drop dead gorgeous Appy mare I have ever seen, she was liver chestnut with a perfect micro snowflake blanket over her hips, the riding instructor actually took her blanket off so we could see her. Yes I got to meet Richard Schrake in his barn when he was in Hillsboro Or. All the awards on the walls and his big cowboy hat and boots, I was impressed, as a kid, I have talked to him as an adult too and am not so impressed anymore LOL. But he is nice enough. Kellys folks got into showing Appys on the circuit, bought a few mares in foal, my Mom hauled two home from Calif. for them one time. Eventually Kellys parents divorced, and He married Shannon McCullough, so I had some influence from the Appy world still. Shannon and Kellys dad just divorced too.
Ya dont laugh, thats me on the left and my cousin Matt on the right, I dont have any idea where I got my fashion sense, LOL, fine ok laugh LOL, thier mare had just foaled and we went to see the new baby, I just love Appaloosa blankets .....sigh......... he probably roaned out like his mama but he was a cute baby.
So at 33 years old I finally got my Appy spots, and I love her! Like the tongue LOL she is such a character. So is Meghan. I bought Emma when she was two, she is now nine.(or will be on Jan 10th, she was a very early baby. So I will continue my love of Appy spots, Pony Girls, Boy, is realy gorgeous, love his color! Maybe I will have to do a post of the Appy color patterns I like some day.


  1. Oh My mean Shannon McCullough from Hillsboro??? Her mother is Sharon...lives on River Road????? Sharon was my 4-H leader!!!! Shannon, lil' Erin and Derek, were just kids!!! I spent more time at their house than my own!!!

    One year, I went with them to Sun Valley to be the sitter for the evenings while Sharon and husband (can't remember his name) went out on the town. But, he never showed up!!! So, I got a week of ski lessons and had a great time.

    That lil' colt is adorable!! Fashion??? Who cares about fashion...we're talkin' horses here girl heehee!!

  2. Its funny how many horse people tend to find a particular color/breed they become most fond of. Your appys are very nice! Love the tongue picture!

    Dusty is gorgeous, too! What a great picture!

    I started my new horse life with a black gelding and very fond of blacks (still have him!) But have grown very fond of bays - and when I first got back into horses, said NO BAYS! But I think the bays I saw then had the white on them. My mare today is solid with no white on the legs and just a whisper of a start.

    Then I look at her dam, a pretty sorrel and think those sorrel horses are under-rated! Yes, they are traditional and common, but given the right tone of red, WOW!

    Often wonder if I choose the color I am drawn to because of the horse or the horse because I was originally drawn to the color? Anyway, I'm rattling on. Enjoy hearing what others are drawn to.

  3. Karen gtyyup, LOL isnt it a small world. I met Sharon at Shannon and Dougs wedding, but havnt seen her since, sheez its been 18 yrs and now they are divorced. Last time I seen Erin was at an Appy show at Clark County fairgrounds, oh 8 yrs ago, she was riding the most uniquely colored stallion, he had 6" round snowflakes all over him and he was? I dont know if you could realy tell his base color, kinda mousy grulla or roaned bay? I just remember how gorgeus he was, went out to thier tailer with my Mom and Shannon, and got to see the inside, "wow" anyway, Doug was/is one of my Dads oldest friends, they went to school together an lived at each others houses LOL. Dougs last name is Verdier, so thats how I met the McCulloughs.

  4. ooo Tammy I shall have to post a pic of my daughter with her sorrel mare! the lighting... she just glows.

  5. That baby Appy was really a cutie! Great color!
    I loved reading about your love of Appy spots and your Emma! Thanks for the compliments on My Boy, I will let him know you said those nice things. IF I ever see him again! It's like he's living in the snowy mountains now. I miss him.
    How are you liking the "Tao of Equus?" My mom gave me that for Xmas years ago but I've yet to read it! It looks good but kind of deep.

  6. Just galloped over to say hi and thanks for visiting my blog! Sounds like you have had a lot of stairs to climb ( my Grannys expression for a lot of hardships).
    Your comment on Richard Shrake made me chuckle. He isn't as cute as Clint or as good of a bull**^ er as Lyons, but let me tell you, if not for him the Pleasure horse shows would have withered and died a long time ago. The man really knows his horses!
    I've had Appy's on and off all my life and as you know I just acquired another! When they are good they are great, but when they are bad- well... Katie Bar the Door!
    I'll be back to visit again!
    Have a great holiday!

  7. Hey pony girl, The Tao of Equus, ys it is a little heavy, kinda different, I still have my opinion out there as I am not far enough into it yet, I bought the second one to, Riding Between the Worlds. I have looked at this book numerous times and I finally broke down and bought it.

  8. Hey vaquerogirl, Ya Richard is an entity to himself anymore, he is good, just seems to be more "old school" now which isnt bad. I have listend to a couple of his seminars at local horse "affairs" and what he does works. He cracks me up with his suits and boots and hats, LOL everyone has thier trademark.

  9. P.S. VG last time I talked to Richard he was very friendly and nice, we sat near him and watched a colt starting session.


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