Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Memories of Summer 2008.......

It hard to believe that we have been going to the 4-H fair for 13 years, since Sara was nine and she is now 22. Sure have a lot of good memories. These are from this year, do you remember all the classes you rode in at the fair? and.....

The grandmas and Dads, decorating......

Showmanship lineup, showmanship was always the first class.........

Closer look and Meghan and Easy, Easy she always stands square and looks good, silly old mare.

Huntseat class, "Meghan get your elbows back" "shoulders back" "M O M! ! !" I just cant let it go I have to bug her about her equitation LOL, she doesnt like it and gets mad at me.

Western equitation, Easy was funny and more hollow backed that normal, see how tense her neck is, she has always done that, she is not a performance horse, the judge thought that she may be out in her neck, shes 23 years old and has always been like this, without a running martingale or something. Her teeth were fine.

Groom squad contest, and being the oldest and an all Senior team, they won and went to state fair in this contest, where they placed 6th.

Gaming..... what Meg lives for, she has the best time doing this, and she loves her pink and green.......

a few stretches before a run......
Easy was really fast in her day, she now gets sore in her stifles, so Meghan has officially "retired" her, thats why she is riding Rocket, a friends horse.
Memories of warmer, and good times.


  1. Summer seems like such a long time ago, this was good to bring back the feeling of heat, sun and being outside.


  2. Ahhhh yes, there is something besides fridged cold and white!

    4-H was great for me too...waaaaay back in the day.

    It's so hard when you have to retire a horse...but the possibilities of leasing her to a junior rider is always there.


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