Thursday, December 4, 2008

.........more pictures of Joe.

This is my mom and Joe, he was around 2 in this picture, Mom did all the ground work, and early riding with him. It is a good picture of both of them.

I thought Mom and I looked a lot alike in these two pictures, LOL to be young and skinny again!!

You can see how buckskin light he used to get on his back, people used to always ask us if he was an Arab because he had a pretty dished face. Pretty boy, I miss this horse, he would do anything I asked of him. He ended up getting cancer, lympho sarcoma, nodules all over him, dad had the horsetrader take him to the auction. He was around 18 or so. Thats hard but at the time it was also an economic thing. I rode him for a lot of years in 4-H and game shows, when we were really actively riding.
My next horse is Dusty, the first I saw born and the first I trained myself.

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