Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old pictures..............

Oh some treasures, the boxes of pictures that I have been going through, in one is my great grandmothers collection of postcards from the early 1900's, I love these old photos, and most of them have postcards on the back, I guess that was how they sent news back then, look at us now. The horseshoe one above was the only one out of hundreds that was even remotely horse related, at least its Christmasy.

This I think is my great grandfather, probably with a prized pony!

This photo just made me think of how hard it was in those days, you can see the fly net on the horse I dont know who is in this photo it may be great great grandparents.

These three pics are from a county fair, it says Del Norte fair 1913 first says pony race, second says potato race and the third says quick hitch, which I am assuming was another race of some sort.

It amazes me how different life was, when we depended on horses for transportation, and the vet care was so crude, no wormers, no antibiotics, except maybe penicillin, if they gave it to animals back then. Our horses are starting to live into their 30's or more sometimes now, what was the life span back then 15-20 was probably really old. We have a lot of medical breakthroughs to be thankful for now, I cant imagine dealing with worms and injury's back then. Horses sure are a lot healthier now.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful old photos!!! You are so right-on when you talk about health care for animals today.

    In general I hate progress, but there are definitely benefits in certain types of progress...medical is one.


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