Monday, December 29, 2008

Easy's story......

My Dad bought Easy in 1989, at the same time I moved home with them after leaving my first drug addict husband. He bought her for $500 and she has been a really good horse for that price, not without difficulties, but a good horse. I dont think there is a horse that comes without difficulties.

Easy was 4 in '89, and she had a lot of baggage, on her papers are 7 owners before she was 2, and 2 owners after that, and then us. Dad bought her from my husbands cousin, who bought her from a friend. Friend had purchased her at Hermiston aution, I think, her papers say she was off of Harmony ranch in Walla Walla WA. She must have been through there a few times, anyway he cowboyed her and tied cans to her saddle and sacked her out etc, his kids had named her Sabrina. He didnt have much luck with her. Cousin bought her and the first time he rode her she bucked him off, thats where my dad came in. I never did now if Dad bought her to keep me home or what, but I had a horse to train now, and a 2 and 3 year old to raise too. Soon after I moved out I got together with my currant Hubby, much happier story.

Dad brought Easy home and we started working with her, she was pretty green, despite someone saying she had 60 days on her with some trainer, but she was broke for the most part. Dad always buys a horse from the ground up, that Farrier thing, and Easy had good clean legs, she still does to this day at 24. I remember the first time I took her off of the property, my friend and I were on a dirt road somewhere and she wanted to trot or canter, anyway Easy bucked with me and by the time I stepped off and seen where she went, she was stopped with her head and bridle caught in a thorn tree, LOL. I think that is one of the only times she has ever bucked with me. Anyway I got her out of the tree and got back on and we finished our ride. She has a trot that is amazing, LOL she could have pulled a sulky LOL not. but she can trot fast. I rode her western and huntseat, I love riding her huntseat, that should have been her discipline.
More about Easy tomorrow............


  1. Rough start for that girl, so lucky she found her "forever home with you. Your dadsounds like a wise man ,you and Easy neede each other.

  2. What a great story! Can't wait to hear the ending. She's a lovely little mare and it sounds like the two of you found each other at the right time in your lives!

  3. What a great story! Can't wait to hear all of it!

  4. Nice profile on your horse. I'm looking forward to the next installment. I'm always interested in how people deal with the various challenges that each horse brings.


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