Saturday, December 27, 2008

It is melting s l o w l y.............

What a miserable trip out to the barn today, all the snow slid off of the roof, so there is a big pile, barn is 24x36, (so 15'plus x 36 six inches deep) or was, in front of the barn right now, we cant get the 2 wheel drive quad out there, it keeps getting stuck, so I was shoveling part of the "berm" we finally just brought the bronco out, it is chained up, and hooked the little garden cart to it with a chain, talk about over kill huh... any way we got one load from day before yesterday dumped and got the barn cleaned today, I dont know how long it took us, but it was a pain in the butt. Hopefully it will be easier tomorrow with more melting and we have packed down all the snow, the wheelbarrow is still full sitting in the barn, really hard to push or pull through, 6+ inches of slush now. It can not melt fast enough LOL, oh we cant have that, melting to fast that is, because it might flood now, what next, LOL at least we were one of the lucky ones so far and havnt lost power at all, so thats a positive thing, right? Uhg, we are not set up to deal with the snow for so long, not this much anyway. Sooo sorry no pics today, if I can lift my arms tomorrow I will share the thaw! LOL........
and Easy is our next horse.


  1. Oh I feel for you! The melting is awful...we're so thankful to have our lil' tractor. My Man had to grade a ditch out the back barn door...the melted snow was already coming in the back door.

    I can't believe how fast it's melting here...but, you all had twice as much snow as we did.

    Just be careful that the horses don't slip on any ice patches. I lost my old Appy mare last winter from a fall on the ice...tragic.

  2. gtyyup, so far we dont have much ice, its all slush, mare are doin good, all they want is more food LOL

  3. PS sorry about your old mare, did she break a leg or hip?


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