Friday, December 19, 2008

What the hubby does when I play with horses.....

This is what my Hubby loves to do, this first pic is quit a few years ago......"aint he cute" (sorry hun LOL)

One of the more successful trips that they have taken!! I think there were 3 of them(fishermen) in the boat. If you all havnt caught it yet we live by the Columbia River, and that is what these are, Columbia river white sturgeon. This is back when they could keep 2 each.

You have to measure each fish to make sure they are in the size requirments 42-60 inches.


Is what an over sized sturgeon looks like after youve fought it for a long time, I think this one was 9-10+ feet long, you can see Hubbys hand in its mouth, they do not have teeth. Last time I was with them when an over size was caught, she was so pretty she had dapple spots on her side! and was longer than the boat was wide! We figured about 9ft, you cant bring these in and measure them LOL, they weigh to much!

And releasing the over sized fish.

It is great fun to take kids fishing especially when they catch a fish, Master Bailey was a very happy fisherman!

Sorry hun I couldnt tell your eyes were closed! LOL Just blame it on the heavy fish you are holding.

A threesom this day, arent they cute! LOL LOL They eat well! I dont remember who caught all of these but they were happy!
This is oldest brother in-law, I have two, my hubby is the baby. He is in front of Hubbys boat, a lot of fish were caught in that boat, unfortunately he sold it last year. I promised him he could have another some day.
So this is what Hubby does every time he gets a chance, me, I go once and awhile, I dont like being stuck in the boat for that long, but it is fun on a summer day. But..... I do hunt with Hubby, but that is another story.


  1. Those are some huge fish !!
    Why do they have a maximum size limit as well as a minimum? I have never caught a fish ,but I am very good at eating them!

  2. Super nice Fish! We have river type sturgeon around here, Yum!

  3. Those are some big fish! Wow, I'll bet they put up a fight. Handsome fella your fisherman. Thanks for all your comments while I was away. Boy am I glad to be home. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. fernvalley, they have a min and max size because, max, when a sturgion gets over around 6' they enter the breeding pool LOL no pun intended LOL min, there wouldnt be any fish left if you could keep little ones, one day shhh we fished off the bank and caught over 100 shakers as we call the small ones, and did not catch one we had before, (shhh we know this because we notched a fin just to see)sometimes the shakers will jump like a stealhead, they are fun to catch to, but have to let them go.

  5. Awesome... I love to fish as well but a whole different type of fishing. Normally just fly fishing for trout and other pan fish but I'd be willing to try this! That looks like fun. Fantastic post, wonderful photos. Some really nice fish there.


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