Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Dusty pictures...............

Mom and I on Dusty and Easy. I forget sometimes what a cute little horse that Dusty was, she had a babydoll head good conformation. We kept her usable despite her severed tendon, and stress founder in that foot.
My sister rode her in the Twin City Saddleclub rodeo court. Sadly the saddle club is gone now, and condos have been built over the arena. You can see that right hind leg now and how rocked back she was on it. It amazes me that she never had more trouble with that foot. When she got older she had a few abscesses in it, thats when dad would do his magic on it so it would drain, but other than that she did pretty darn good.

Grandma and Sara giving Dusty a bath.


  1. It's so neat to have family that all rode together! Dusty was a handsome fellow!!

  2. I grew up with horses, but have not had one since our oldest daughter sold hers when she was 14. This is nice site to get to visit horses again. I love your posts.


  3. Dusty had beautiful can see in her eye that she was a willing soul. Glad you have the photos and the memories...thanks for sharing!

  4. Dusty was a good little mare, took after her mama.
    Thanks for the great comments.

    dayphoto, I think I have only been without horses in my life for about 5 years, when I married my first husb.


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