Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snowing snowing snowing.......

Its not very often here that we get three snowstorms in a row, usually we get one and then it goes away, but it looks like we may get more on the weekend too.

This is where we measure the snow, on the deck railing, not much yet, I will get another pic later and see how much more there is, we are supposed to get 2-6 in.

Luxor prints in the snow.

View out the front door, snowing pretty good off and on.

I am glad I am in here looking out and not out there, although it has warmed up this after noon to 33f.


  1. Well hello! Look you have snow! We have...mud! lol!
    I took that picture, at one of the covered arenas at the South Point. Where my fella was roping. It is where you have to keep your horse while you are waiting to rope. Horses are not allowed to be tied to the trailers. You will be charged with animal cruelty! Can you imagine??

  2. ours may be mud soon too LOL it warmed up to 38 and is raining now, supposed to drop temp again in the am. crazy weather LOL

  3. At least you are having some warmer temps than my area. You may be in for more snow this weekend. We are too. Hopefull will cover up some of this ice that formed on Monday.


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