Friday, December 26, 2008

The snow is melting, the snow is melting!!!!!!!!!........

Oh finally!!!!!!!, we ended up with a lot of snow for here, we are at about 98 feet in elevation here. We got about 12-14 inchs or so...... hard to tell with the wind blowing at times. This is the spot on the railing that I keep watch on how much has accumulated, the low spot stuff came on xmas eve day, about 3 1/2 inches, and it snowed hard all day on Christmas.

Meg, David and I went to my folks for Xmas dinner, Hubby had to work swing. This is what greeted us when we pulled in the driveway, Mom said she was feeling sorry for Dad out shoveling snow, but he was out playing and creating artwork LOL on one, he says, is a snowman, and on the other a bear, LOL what men do when they get bored after being snowed in!.

we had wonderful garlic prime rib and all the fixings for dinner, everyone thought I was weird for taking a pic of my food LOL

This is what Luxor did throughout the whole meal LOL, in between Meghan and David on the floor. Like his Xmas bandanna? He has done good learning to sleep where he is put.

And Luxor wasn't to impressed with the mountain of wrapping paper that covered him.

Christmas day we went to Hubbys oldest brothers house, they live right behind us on the same property. This is Meghan with her 95 year old great grandmother, and Grammy lives across the street. We had biscuits and gravy and sausage and bacon and french toast. Yum Yum.

This is Grammys house from our barn, across back yard and the lower field.

And the damn cat LOL she has claimed under the xmas tree for HER space, so much for my felt tree skirt. covered in cat hair, sigh..... this is Amber, who stays outside most of the time, she is our only cat because she runs any other cat that comes around off.

Everyone waiting for David to get here Xmas morning to open presents, Teddy is behind Meg.

This is what it was like in town today when we ran around a little bit, slush, slush and more slush, at least it is melting! Geez there were too many people out so we weren't out long.

We had a very good Christmas, miss the older kids but they will be home when they can, talked to them at least.

And I got a new camera! for Christmas This last pic is the first one off of it! and there will be many more as I learn to use it. And one of those mini HP printers for 4x6 prints, so cool! Hubby got a purple Ipod Nano, which he is thrilled with, and new romeos. Meg got a camera, a pick camo saddle pad, a pink steer head for roping and some money for clothes shopping.
Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas holiday, now we have to get through New Years LOL.


  1. Sounds like a nice time , always nice to be with family. food souned and looked great too!

  2. Our cat runs the roost as well!

    Glad to hear you had a fabulous Christmas! I wish my Grandma was still with us , she LOVED the Holidays! She made the best candy!

  3. That sounded like a lovely Christmas celebration! New camera? WhoooHooo! Pic with Meghan and Grammy is precious! How wonderful to have her close by.

    Keep warm & dry if you can!


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