Monday, December 8, 2008

CHOCOLATE!! and Luxor has to go to the VET!

Meghan and I spent the day yesterday making CHOCOLATE candies, decorating and pouring chocolate into molds, it was fun, and a lot of work. We went through, two packs of candie quik chocolate and one of almond bark, we still have lots of red and green left. We are trying this thing with candy canes, poring the choc. over them in the mold. I hope it works ok, I like it so much more than pretzels. We could not find any straight pretzels at Wallyworld. I am just worried about the candy canes getting sticky, we are wrapping them in plastic.

And POOR LUXOR! He started breaking out in hives on Sat. morning his nose seemed swollen, but only in one spot, Sunday though, oh poor baby you can see from the pics that he has a lot of hives! I like the one right between his eyes LOL oh sorry Luxor we dont mean to laugh at you LOL We have been in contact with the leader of the Guide Dogs group and she said to give him some benedryl, so Sun. we gave him some every 4 hours, helps a little but not completely, so gave him one more this morning and called the Vet, we have a 2:00pm appt. hopefully they can give him something better. There has been no food change and he was home all weekend, he did go out to the barn with Meg Sat morning, we think he may have been bitten by a spider or something? Doesnt he look miserable, his lips keep breaking out with nickle size welts and they run all the way down his shoulders, no problems breathing or anything, or I would have him right to emergency. Its just strange, I have never had a dog thats gotten hives before.


  1. Yummy candies, looks good !
    Poor Luxor hope you are able to get something for him. Give him a kiss on the nose from me!

  2. Awww poor Luxor! I've never had hives in a dog either...horses, but not dogs...sure wonder what caused it...give us an update when you know.

    Oh my gosh...the candy is beautiful!!! You have much more patience than I. Your family is really going to love you and Meghan for all your hard work!

  3. Poor Luxor! I hope his hives have cleared up.
    Those candies are really cute! My mom and I intended to make Xmas cookies at Thanksgiving, but unfortunately she had to work so we didn't. I found a good recipe in the back of Country Home magazine though, and hope to try them next weekend!


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