Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Christmas year round collection, or er... part of it

I have a rather eclectic collection of ornaments, I am pretty picky about which ones I choose to add to my collection, and a lot of them stay out all year. Santa's, bears, snowmen, gnomes, all fishing and hunting. I have fun at Christmas time combing the ornament racks, much to my husbands dismay LOL

This is one of my favorites, pull the fish at the bottom and the bears legs move.

Fat bears skinny bears, but they all have to have...... something that "speaks" to me, I know kinda weird huh.

gnomes, bigger and smaller, as long as they are holding a fishing pole.

And these guys are some of my very favorites, fishing bear, hunting bear, and duck hunt bear. The hunting ones are the hardest to find, there are usually a lot of fishing ones. Now maybe this post will get me in the Christmas mood, and now we can tear apart the living room and make room for the tree, and I will show you a few more of my ornaments, I have horse ones too, on the tree. And oh do I need to dust, LOL found a bit while I was looking at all these LOL


  1. Cool ornaments! looks like Chrismas at your hose must be lots of fun!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my last post ,as I said not my words but they sure hit home.

  2. Ya fernvalley it hit me hard enough that I sent it to my tumor group too.

  3. Wonderful collection!! I do the same with my tree ornaments...they're all horses...who'da thunk that?!


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