Monday, December 15, 2008

Man, dumb name for a horse........and Ceasar

This colt we only had for a short time, but he has an interesting story. My dad was doing some carpet or vinyl work for a lady. The ladys daughter had been keeping her mare and colt at her moms house. Man was @ 18 mos or so at this time, and were she lived was along a walking route to the local middle school. Well can you guess what the kids did to the colt? they teased him, and Man had developed a really bad habit of charging people. The Mom was terrified of him, she would run from him, all about 700 lbs of him. Anyway I think Dad bought him for cheap and brought him home, with warnings that he charged you.

He was a brat, I remember going out to catch Dusty or Joe and only having a baling twine in my pocket, and the little brat charged me, I was probably only 11 or 12, you should have seen his face when I didnt run and brandished the baling twine in his face! He was a little better with me after that. I had started getting on him and walking him around, after he turned 2, and teaching him some things and Dad sold him. I remember Dad saying that he really never got over charging people. Here is a pic of Dad doing some groundwork with him. He wasnt a bad looking colt, gelding, QH I think grade, kinda thoroughbredy.

Another horse we had at about this time, I think the most we had at one time was 6. Ceasar, I couldnt find any pics of him, dont know if any were taken. He was Dads horse, 17H blood bay no white, big boy, Mom always thought he looked like a Cleveland Bay. He was a decent horse, a lot for a 12 year old to manage, to catch him I had to take only a halter out and catch him, lead him halfway up the pasture and tie him to the tree, other wise he would drag me back to the bottom of the field. Then I would go in the barn and get his bridle with the bit and proceed to put that on him so I could bring him out of the field, and he was fine. He was never mean, just big and he knew it.

We took him on one camping trip where Dad got him stuck in the mud, he never panicked just layed there until Dad took his saddle off and then he got up and struggled out of the mud. He taught me a lot about how to handle a big horse, as a small child. The folks sold him to a teenage girl who wanted to jump, I hope he made a good jumper, he was unflappable.


  1. I love that old picture of your dad and his charging!!! Isn't it fun to re-tell old stories and have the pics to go along with them??? (Sometimes!!)

    Yes, your snow looks like our snow. You even have a great pic of the snow swirling/blowing by in the wind! I love your mare with the big blaze, but as you will find out, I have a slight obsession with chrome! :)

  2. thanks melanie, ya I have to remember all this stuff too LOL, Ya I love my emma, she is developing more "chrome" every year LOL Appys

  3. Who would name their horse Man? Silly ;~) The poor guy are just so stupid...they do the same thing to dogs. I'd love to tie them up to a tree and tease them...(really I'm not a bad person LOL).

    The pic of your dad is very funny...shorts & it! You had a great up-bringing. Cool parents!

  4. Hey gtyyup, ya my folks were pretty cool, all I ever wanted to do was give my kids what they gave us, and so far I have been able to.


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