Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Superior Scribbler Award!

Fernvalley was nice enough to pass on this award! Thanks for the great comments. I also have not figured out the link thing....hmm I keep trying.

There rules associated with this award:

1) Name 5 other superior scribbles

2) Link to the author and name of the blog that gave you the award

3)Display the award on your blog with this LINK, which explains this award

4) At the bottom of that link, add your name to Mr. Linky's list

5) Post these rules for your recipients

It is so hard to chose who to send these to LOL, dont want to repeat anyone to soon, it is a lot of work putting these great awards together!

1-Cowboys kids and sunsets, Trainwreck has such a unique sense of humor!

2-The folks over at Midwesthorse blog They have a brand new puppy that is the cutest thing!

3-The 7msn Ranch, beautifull pics good stories and cute cute donkeys!

4-This DVMs wifes Life She has great pictures, a funny sense of humor, I enjoy her blog

5-California Cowgirl- great stories, awsome that your rescued glacier! she is such a cool color.

Will someone send me mr linky's list so we can make this as its susposed to be, I couldnt find him either LOL.

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  1. Glad you got your award you deserve it, and please let me know if you find out where Mr Linky lives(lol)


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