Thursday, December 4, 2008

My first award! my first award! my first award!

LOL Karen over at, Life at the rough string, me my first award LOL Thanks! Karen. I still have a lot to learn about how to post but I will figure it out eventually. It has been a bit of a learning curve for me, I need to use help more LOL. I can post links but not links with just the name..... I'll get it eventually! It is a lot of fun. Oh and my stupidly long name was a google blunder when I started this blog, havnt figured out if I am stuck with it, Reddunappy is what it is susposed to be, I have to learn not the click so quick.


  1. Hi there....hang in there, you'll get it all! To post links with just the name, try this. If you are writing a post, make sure you are in "EDIT HTML" mode. Type the name you want to link to. Then highlight it. Next, go up on the blogger editor band at the top of your post and there is a little green ball thing, it says "link" if you put your cursor on it. Click on it, and it will give you a window to type in the URL (web address) to your clink (I usually copy and paste the web address in there!) It should default to TYPE: html. Hit OK and you're golden! I hope that helps. For the longest time I didn't know how to do it, Brown Eyed Cowgirls finally gave me the scoop and now I'm a link-nut! :)
    Good luck!

  2. Ok now where can I cut and paste and save this so I can find it again and it doesnt get corrupted and lost LOL just kidding thanks Pony Girl for the clues!!! I realy appreciate it.

  3. Yeah!!! I fixed my name no more gobbly gook LOL LOLL LOLL

  4. WhooHoo! Congrats on the Award!! You deserve it richly!

    Hey- will be keeping you in our thoughts here in the Southland, for your MRI results. Betting on good news for you! ;)


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