Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dusty Lady...... is what Mom named her

Dusty was the first foal that I seen born, I was eight years old. She was also the first horse that I trained to ride, when I was ten. I had a lot of good times with this little mare. Unfortunately as a two year old she was injured on a metal feeder and severed some tendons in her right hind fetlock. Dad was a horseshoer and did all he knew how to help her. Dispite her injury she lived a long and productive life we used her for everything trail riding, 4-H, rodeo court. She was a willing and good little bulldog grade Quarter Horse, and was small at 14.2, but big in heart. She bucked me off a few times when I was starting her.

Baby Dusty lady, 1975.
Dusty was two and I was ten when I started riding her, this was before she got hurt. Even with her fetlock rocking back a little she was sound and not in pain, Dad took her hunting and trail riding and she never limped at all.
I showed her in 4-H and she was good,( I on the other hand needed work LOL ) below you can see me asking her to set up.

She had quite unusual markings on her legs, the right hind was black, the left was white with a great big spot on the front, and she had socks on the front with black freckles all along the corronet. She was a beautiful dapple buckskin, butter milk, as she had white fringe on her mane and tail, no line on her back, and no dun factor markings. She was out of Moms mare Silkey and a buckskin QH stud named Dusty Work, he was of Yucca King breeding also, like Joe. Unfortunately the man who owned him when Silkey was bred sold him and a few years later he was starved to death, they tried to save him, but it was to late.
Will post some more.......


  1. Pretty girl!! I love hearing about the horses from our pasts.Over time we see it has shaped the way we are with our current horses.Please keep telling your stories.
    Any word on the MRI?

  2. Awwww what a doll...she was just adorable!!!

    Love the bell bottom pants!!! You're braver than I...someday I might come out with that stuff...I've got a few!

  3. fernvalley, no not yet on my MRI, my appt in jan 12th, I hope they call me in sooner because of a cancelation. I hate waiting.

  4. gttyup, aw come on be brave, share some of those old pics LOL


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