Friday, January 30, 2009

Colorado Wedding, part one....

Well we made it to Colorado, the flights were ok, except for screaming 10 mo olds. Here we are waiting a PDX for our first flight.Ya me too, LOL

We were not happy having to sit with two, 10 mo old twin boys nest to us on the plane, they cried and cried until they finally fell asleep, and when they finally fell asleep, I had to pee! dang it, if I got up everyone would strangle me, they were finally quiet, so I held it, hmmph. Meghan looks happy huh.
This was our connecting flight, from Denve to Colorado Springs, a prop plane, I had never been on one of these before, it wasnt to bad, and we did not hit the bad turbulance that comes off of Pikes Peak like the flight attendant said.

View out the window, almost to CS.

Meghan stuffing her face, LOL, Doritoes, the flight was only 18 min long.
And Sara is there to pick us up at the airport.
of course we had to stop at Safeway to get some food on the way up to the B and B. Would you believe they actually have Safeway in Colorado LOL just kidding, but it was just like home.
And my room at the B and B, very nice, huge king size bed, and a Noahs Ark theme in my room, and living room. 'cept I had to kill a spider already eeeuuuwwww, it was on the door blind LOL.
Cute little Noahs Ark curtains.

and paintings, sorry cant see this one so well.

Meghan getting the internet all set up! So I can Blog with all of you!

And this one has horses so I thought that was cool.
And the wedding invites are a pirate map, oh did I tell you that the wedding is a pirate theme?
and Tobys stepmom, Sara, Toby, and Tobys Dad, I am so bad with names, I am not remembering at the moment LOL

And I will post pics of the Cute cake, it is a pirate ship! with a little bride and groom and canons and stuff LOL


  1. What a cute B&B! Funny to think you are so close to me right now! :o)

  2. Beatiful room! Hope you are able to post lots more pics ,I love weddings. Too bad about the noisy kids ,I usually have some Daddy Long Legs kicking me in the back on the flights

  3. Small world...My nephew is stationed out of Colorado Springs. He is in Iraq right now, but will be home in February.
    Have fun at the wedding. I've never seen a pirate themed one before. Cool idea!!

  4. Have fun at the wedding! Do you have to dress like a wench? Or Talk like a pirate? Or Both?



  5. What a sweet room. Love the size of that bed... I need one of those.. LOL
    Hope you have tons of fun at the wedding!!!!


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