Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flying away.....

Well we are going to Colorado, my middle baby is getting married! I cant believe it. She is 22. My little Sara is getting married.
We spent a lot of years growing up with horses. I keep teasing her and telling her that she has to take her old mare after she gets married, really I dont know if I could let her go, probably, but it would be hard.Saras high school graduation. Sara and myself. She is so pretty, and 5'10, she got that from her father not I LOL. After graduation she waited for a job for a couple months and then the Air Force took her away from home. She went to Texas for basic, and we got to go and see her graduate basic training. and then she went to Biloxi, and was there when hurricane Katrina hit! It was 4 or 5 days before we heard from her, but they were fine on the base. Then she went to South Carolina for a couple years, and now she is back in Texas, getting married in Colorado, and in April she will go to Iraq. My little quiet shy girl has turned into quite the traveler.

So I will be posting, I hope from Colorado this weekend, the B and B where we are staying is supposed to have wifi, so I should be able to. I still cant believe she is getting married.


  1. Congratulations Mom!! She is a beautiful girl .I hope she will be happy in her marriage and of course safe in Iraq

  2. Yea! This means you are expanding your family -- not losing your little girl. Welcome that new son with open arms. Congrats!

  3. fernvalley, nuzzling muzzles,

    Thanks ladies for the well wishes, she seems really happy, and I am happy for them, we havnt even met him yet, but have talked on the phone. He seems really nice. I also will be an instant grandma! as he has a 7 yr old son too, so quite a bit bigger family!

  4. Where at in Colorado? I live in Denver!

    Congratulations to you, Sara, and the rest of the family. How exciting for all of you!

  5. Not to far from your neck of the woods Katharine, we will be flying into Denver, going to Colorado Springs.

  6. Congratulations! We just married off our last child, our second daughter, this summer.

    Post lots of photos, we all will be intersted.


  7. Congratulations! Do you read Stacey's blog? She's a horse person in the Air Force too, with an amazing Percheron.

  8. Funder, yes I have read the jumping Percheron, cool horse and the trials of being a horse owner in Hawaii. Good blog.

  9. Wow! Congrats on gaining a SIL and a grandchild all at the same time.
    Your daughter is GORGEOUS! I'm very happy for you!


  10. Not far at all! It's a small world after all...

    How long will you be here? I'm sure you will be very busy, which is too bad because I'd love for you to meet Panama. Maybe someday... ;o)


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