Saturday, January 24, 2009

More E-team practice, taking pics, and my trailer.

This is my train of a horse trailer. 4 horse with full dressing room, I got a really good price on it when we bought it. It is the trailer I always wanted! now I am thinking something a bit smaller will do, Meghan is graduating and it will only be me riding most of the time, and a 4 horse will be overkill, but I love the room they have inside and the full walk in tack room, hmmmm, it is a lot of trailer to turn around and maneuver, being a bumper pull, yes, because I put a camper rv on the truck when we go places with the horses, it is steel and needs a little work, but sound and pulls great!

I caught Meghan and her new xmas present, the saddle pad, not the horse LOL, pink camo! I think it was the present she was most excited about LOL its pretty cool 1/4 inch of felt on both sides with 1/2 inch of neoprene in the middle.
I am still learning my new camera, and how to get good action shots with it. It is a digital so there are only so many settings I can use, so far it takes better pics inside without the flash, the flash catches all the dust particles in the air. I am also trying different ISO s and stuff and a myriad of different settings that it has. The action shots still need a lot of work, horses just move to fast LOL

This is E-team practice again, I take a lot of pics( I love digital LOL) so I can learn how it does in different light. The light in this arena is good, the other one they ride at is a lot darker.
Meghan on Rocket on the left, Rocket really has a cute face. So Meg has her lime green and now a pink camo blanket LOL she puts pink vet wrap on her reins and stirrups and whatever else occurs to her LOL


  1. You want a smaller horse trailer and I'm thinking I need a bigger one. Although the thought of turning around a 5 horse doesn't really appeal to me. I think that's what I'm after.

    Funny how things change. You think you are all set and life happens and it's time for adjustments. Although speaking of adjustments, I'm still trying to picture that horse in your bubble bath. LOL

  2. Yes things do change dont they!

    Here is the link to a website where the song I got my title is from, always makes me laugh!


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