Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beautiful hike, Columbia Gorge

The beautiful Columbia Gorge, but I am biased, as I grew up here. Mom and Dad moved up to Washington in 1969, when I was 2 years old. They came from California, in the Bay area.

We decided to tour the Gorge one day on a whim, these pics are on the Oregon side of the Columbia River.
Here we are hiking up to Horsetail Falls, Meghan, Ashley, and I. Ashley is our adopted kid sometimes. Sara is taking pics. Walking through the emerald forest, I absolutely love the green, whenever we take a trip I know when we are close to home, it turns green again, and you can smell the fir trees, this was in August 2007, I think, I have to date things better.

Meghan and Ashley are quit the hams, I think Ashley was taking this pic.

The view of the Washington side of the river from the trail.

Oh, I can see, and hear, the falls.

The pics in no way show how large that this is......

Here are Meghan and Ashley behind the falls, wow!

And the view from behind the falls, it was a huge cave.

I hope you enjoyed this part of our trip. We also went to Beacon Rock, Multnoma Falls and the Vista house, we had a long day and a beautiful trip, all within one hour of home. This was actually the first time I had been over there, sad huh, we will go back, great places to take pictures!

This is blurry but one of the only pics we got with Sara and I. I will post more of this trip. (ah geez that tall blonde amazon came out of me LOL)


  1. Whoa... what a beautiful area! I am impressed with all the greeness! So pretty and I bet the air smelled soooooo nice!!

  2. That IS pretty! What a gorgeous hike! Thanks for sharing, us desert people don't get to see that enough!

  3. Oh yes...one of my favorite places. It was in our back yard when we lived in Boring and of course had to take all of our visitors along that route...pics never do natural beauty justice.


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