Monday, January 5, 2009

Ok mother nature........

Ok mother nature I will not complain any more! After hearing the news this morning about how much snow they have in Spokane WA, I am done complaining LOL they have over 6' freakin feet of snow!!!!! oh my. I am so glad I am not having to deal with that. They handle snow up there really well, I lived in Cheney for a year. But 6 feet has to overwhelm anyone! I cant even imagine, you have to have a tractor or a really nice neighbor with one, it was bad enough trying to clean the barn with only one foot of snow! oooooh that is a lot of shoveling!

We got another 3 inches last night......but it is supposed to be in the high fortys and dry soon.
We came out of Wallyworld at around 4:30ish and it was snowing really hard. The weather people said it was supposed to rain......... hmmmmmm, at least the roads are wet but clear.
Had enough snow pics yet? LOL

The railing where we measure......
back deck, and puppy prints.....going out to make yellow snow.
Front door, and people prints LOL, I hope they arent going out to make yellow snow!

I will start Meghan and Easy's story tommorow.


  1. So, I have not had the internet for one week, and I am hopelessly behind on everyone's blogs!!!
    We have snow again too, although it is rapidly melting due to the non-stop rain that we are now having.

    PS-I love your new header!!

  2. Wow! Snow! Found you through comments on Bush Babe's site. (It's currently raining here in Louisiana.) One of my daughters caught some awesome pictures of snowflakes a few weeks ago. You can see them at:, if you're interested. AND Bald Eagles on the Mississippi--the frozen Mississippi. Good luck to you and getting some cool pictures of falling snow too. Yours look very pretty in this post.

  3. Update on the Spokane snow, the news this am said they have 80 inches, wow!


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