Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sparky and Meghan......

I thought I would include the picture of Meg on Mickey when she was 3 mos old, I know, I know, I dont know if I would do that now but I did, Mickey was quiet, and nothing happened. This is a pic of a pic, I was not going to tear apart the whole collage frame, it actually turned out ok. Meg rode a lot with me when she was little, so she had already been on horses for a few times. This was the only time she had a pink frilly dress LOL and Mom puts her on a horse. She was up there for just a moment for the pic, and wasnt lead around at all.

Mickey was 2 here, she started to pop splints when I put her under training, thus the wraps, wow 18 years make such a difference in knowledge, it amazes me, I will learn about horses till I die.
This is Meghan at @4, and her first pony. The pony came already named Megan so we had to change it, and I let Meghan name her, she picked Sparkle. So Meghans Sparkle entered our family. I got her from our local Vet for free, the Vet told me she was around 16yrs old, not. About a year after this we moved the horses up to our rental place so I had them close.

Sparky was herd bound and she pawed horribly when tied, sigh, but we worked with her and she got better.

Big sis Sara coming out to help. These pics are from the day we brought her home. This again was before 4-H, and our safety training. ie helmets
We had Sparky for a little over 3 years. She started having tooth problems, had a couple of impacted teeth, one an unprepared Vet drove out with an old screwdriver, that I had to provide, he didnt have the right tools in his truck, and we were 15 miles from town. Sparky also started colicing on a regular bases. Most of the time some walking and grass(per the vet) would get her through it. But I found her upside down in the stall one last time, in extreme pain, called the Vet and she came out, and we put her down, very quiet and serene. She was ready to go. I figured she was actually around 26, not 16, when we got her, she was pretty good for Meghan and started her learning to ride, Sara rode her some too. She was the first horse I ever had to put down. I was able to get a renderer out asap too, so the kids wouldnt have to see the carcass, it cost me $150 to have them come get her. My dad still made me come into work, I worked for him at the time, I was so mad and upset all day. She was a good pony, I took the best care of her I knew how, in hind site now I know tricks that with feeding she probably would have been around a while longer, ( beet pulp, senior, oil, etc) but you never know with horses do you.


  1. Sounds like Sparky was a wonderful little soul ,sad that she was only with you such a short time ,but I guess she did what she came for and moved on . What a proud Mama you must be with such beautiful kids!

  2. How lucky Meghan is to have a Mom who loves horses and was willing to allow her daughter to get into horses, too. I'm a little bit envious :)

    Sparky and Micky looked and sounded like very special equines. How wonderful that they were in your life.


  3. LOR, I feel lucky to have been able to give them actually more than I had with horses, I hope to corrupt my grandkids one day he he he he

    I do still have Mickey, 18 years after that photo, I can not believe she is 20.

  4. My Dad had a horse, Desert, that lived to be twenty-five. I have ridden a horse for years, but still love them.

  5. I love the picture of baby Meghan on Mickey. SO cute! They both look perfectly content, too!


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