Saturday, January 10, 2009

Parelli part 3, Meghan and Easy

This is the last Parelli summer post. The first picture is probably one of the most dynamic pics that I was able to take of the two of them. Its pretty cool huh?The connection that Meghan and Easy formed was so cool to watch, she just wiggled her fingers and bent down and Easy was coming right to her.

Every ounce and awhile Easy would cheat and follow Meghan around the side of the barrel, instead of over, LOL then Meg would have to jump too, the next time or she would keep doing it.
Meghan had Easy helping her on bareback, she would ask her to put her head down and slide down her neck to get on, until Easy got wise and quit picking up her head, leaving Meg in the air over her neck, but not on LOL. I caught them right away and had them put on their helmets, you can see she forgot here.
I said I would explain Easy being a master of body language, in these next couple of pics she is matching Oakeys stride, step for step, same lead, same side, we thought it was a fluke at first, but she kept doing it on different days too. She tries to get in sink with any horse that is next to her, I dont know if it helps her feel less friction or what but its pretty cool to watch. They are cantering in sink here.
And here again they are in sink. She is so funny when she does it, and it doesnt take her very long to move into it. She just kept doing it time after time, and amazed us, most horses dont do that. Carissa is riding Oakey a 20 year old gelding at the time, he is @15.2 and is a QH/Appy. She used Belle for all the ground work and Oakey for the riding.

Jumping bareback side by side. sorry its blurry but still cool. I wish I could stay on like that! But both of them were in really good shape at the time, as they had been riding a lot.
And it is all over, they are having another question and answer session, they got judged at the fair on this demo. and earned grand champion for demonstrations.

I wish we could have Easy again, young again, she is such a good horse. Messy in the stall, she walks a track in her stall, and she always runs outside when you go in, kicks down the barn sigh, but I would have her again, she is an exceptional horse. We never figured out until she was 22 how good she is with cattle, Meghan got a 1.5 and a 1.8 seconds, on her very first, neither of them had done it before, runs on steer daubing! and placed well and went to WAHSET state last year with Easy. I dont know that Rocket is going to be as fast as Easy, we will see. They also did well in Team sorting, Easy is a natural, god forbid she actually follows her breeding !! LOL She got failed as a cutting horse because of her nervous disposition, I think that they just rough handled her and she couldnt take the abuse.
Now I have to come up with something else for tomorrows post.........hmmm I think I know.


  1. Love the syncronized jumping! Aw to be young again -- but I never was much of a bareback rider! Younger son has a pretty good seat, although the first time he jumped his mare bareback (with just a halter & lead) he fell off and broke his wrist! LOL! His brother was already in a cast for falling off when opening a gate! Quite the summer.

    Anyway, neat pictures & enjoyed seeing what looked like warm weather!

  2. Yes! to be young again LOL I will still get on bareback, but a walk and a trot are plenty LOL
    awe yes August, such memories of warmness LOL.

  3. That is awesome! That would be the perfect drill horse. Say... if I send you my Rumor, you might get your "trainer" to get her to do that?? lol. great post. Reminded me of having that much time to spend with my horse.(sigh)

  4. I am hoping now that I am not working for awhile, that I have, will take the time, to spend more time with my horse. Of course it has to be a tad bit warmer out than it has been LOL

  5. Very impressive. I'm not surprised that they won grand champion for that.

  6. That's some pretty awesome stuff. It is so very obvious that those girls spent tons and tons of time with their horses.


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