Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meghan and Easy '05........

OK if I post the Parelli demo now I will be our of order chronologically, so here is Meghans first year with Easy in 2005. I also believe that this is the first year I had my digital camera so there are a lot more pictures of Meghan than I took of Sara over the years, I love my digital camera!

We start out the same with the Showmanship class, geez I actually got one where she looked up at me. She got a blue in this class.

This was the year that friend Caitie was up at fair with us here is Caitie and Prints.

Decorating the stalls is always a huge endeavor. They have a stall poster that tells about them and an educational poster that gets judged. Meghan and Dad made the tack box in this year, turned out beautiful. It now is finished and has a cut out initials MH in blue on the side. They ran out of time to get it stained and finished before fair.

Here is a close up of here educational poster, it is the same one we took pictures for in my prior post, and she got a blue ribbon.
I got a candid shot of her waiting for bareback class.
And Dad got a shot of me video tapping Meghan. I usually try to get someone to take pics while I video her riding classes, this is just in the warm up. Meghan is out there on the far right. I am wearing my Air Force T-shirt, this is the first year Sara wasnt there, she was in Biloxi then.

And again in the warm up ring, I like the lighting.
All lined up at the end of the class. This is in the late afternoon, we are facing directly east, and the arena gets shade late in the day.Warm up again for Western Eq. class. I love that navy blue and tan saddle pad we found, Meghan will not wear black pants for show, has to have blue ones, so we found a pad to go with the blue. This was a different day than Bareback, it looks overcast.

Caitie loves to jump and here is a good shot of her and Prints jumping.

Every year I am amazed at how pretty of a venue we have to enjoy our little fair in, this is our little slice of the Columbia River Gorge, looking out from the grandstands over the midway, the river is there at the base of the hill, this is looking south.
There are a lot of good memories here. The red building is the exhibit hall where they display all the crafts and quilts and veggies and all.
OK tomorrow I can start posting, it will have to be in two probably, the Parelli demo that the girls did. It was pretty awesome! I have to tell ya.


  1. That's a nice arena. That green moutain in the background is gorgeous. All the mountains around here are brown and snow-capped at the moment.

  2. They all look so good...calm too! Is this a fairgrounds? Which one? I don't recognize it...

  3. hey gtyyup, this is Skamania co. fairgrounds in Stevenson WA

    NM the arena is great unless it rains or the infernal east wind starts blowing! it is usually pretty quiet, but hot in Aug. during the fair, it has only rained a couple of years that I remember.


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