Sunday, January 4, 2009

Horsey goals for 2009........

When we get through the last year of WAHSET I plan on doing a lot more of this.....
(Meghan and Rocket are 5th from the right)
In 2004 I rode Emma in a Pat Wyse clinic, I learned a lot, she was still pretty green so didnt get to learn a lot of the advanced stuff. Had a lot of fun, went with my friend Michelle who is going through a cancer scare right now too. I worked so hard to get us both in shape for this clinic, she is in the best shape in this pic that I have ever had her. Just an interesting note, I was one, of two people that wore a helmet in the clinic, do a lot of you wear helmets when you ride or not? I had just come through my car wreck and didnt feel I needed to take a chance with not wearing one, I still wear one every time.

This is what I want to see more of this year, good friends ahead of me on the trail. I want to take Meghan on some more trail rides this summer and join that NH group and maybe get some new buddies there too. Oh "note to self, order that gel seat for your saddle" LOL this was the trail ride that almost killed me LOL 6 hrs and my butt bones swelled up to tennis ball size, no lie!!! Emma does not hit the ground lightely, but she loves the trails. That is my friend Judy on her Foxtrotter, Rhythm, she didnt have big bruises LOL.
So heres to sore muscles and bruised butts for 2009!!!!!!


  1. The helmet thing is something I am funny about, NOBODY under the age of 18 is allowed to ride here without a helmet and my friend Db has taken to wearing one with her young horse.I ,on the other hand have not been practicing what I preach I beleive in helmets and I really do mean to buy one. My nieces have all commented to me "gee Auntie is yourhaed harder than ours?"
    So I think it might be time.

  2. We have never worn helmets, except as required in english classes. But I think things are changing-it is becoming more commonplace and acceptable to wear helmets.

  3. ooooooo...look at that beautiful green trail...yep, here's to sore butts in 2009!!!


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