Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meghan and Easys story........

Meghan got to ride Easy after big Sis left for the Air Force, Here we are taking pics to demonstrate showmanship, for a poster to enter in the fair, Dad actually took the pics.

An interesting note about Skamania co fair, and what the horse kids have to wear. I think Skamania is the last county in the state to have a strict dress code. They have to wear dark pants, boots, White shirt with no embellishments, and a tie. Also a Hat in showmanship and they are required to wear helmets. I kind of like it, for one we dont have to spend so much money on show clothes and for two, visually it brings all the kids down to a similar level, and they are judged on their riding, not on how much bling they have. It works well for our little county, there are usually only 65-75 horses showing, small huh. It is really nice to have a small fair, in the neighboring county there are over 600 horse kids in the horse project alone, in our little county there are 300 kids in the whole 4-H program. I think the small fair gives them a real taste of what 4-H is, we dont have expensive show horses and all the expensive clothes and saddles, and when our kids do go to state they do well, Kila in our 4-H group has taken 3 or 4th in Saddleseat for the last couple of years, and the first year they had jumping at state one of our girls earned a silver medal for the Western WA state fair. so we give a fair showing for such a small county.

We took a lot of glamor shots of these two over the last couple years. Thats our Meghan!

the 4-H group, Carissa, on Oakey, Kila on Desy, and Meg on Easy.

Arent they just gorgeous, but I am biased LOL.
next post, Carissa and Meghan do a Parelli Demo at the fair!

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  1. SD still requires the kids to all wear, blue jeans, a white shirt and hat in all western events and traditional english clothes only in the english classes. I like it that way. It definitely evens the playing field. Can't stop them from using the fancy show saddles, but they seem garish when everyone is wearing the same clothes.


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