Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008/2009 MeMe

This MeMe has been going around and intrigued me, if I can come up with everything, its been a long hard year for me.

1. List 5 good things that happened to you in 2008.

1)Found out what was wrong with me medically, good and bad

2)True friends show up to help you through, even when you havnt seen them in years

3)I got to step back and really see what is important to me.

4)I got to come home from the hospital. thats a big one, almost had to go to rehab facility.

5)I have a different outlook on life. I am more tolerant in some things and not so much in

others, rude people piss me off! much more than they used to. Life is to short to treat

people like dirt.

2. List 3 bad things that happened to you in 2008.

1)I was told I had a brain tumor

2)I had to spend 2 months in the hospital

3)I now have things wrong with me that I never had before my surgery.

3. List 5 things that you want to do in 2009.

1)I want to ride more. I have thrown myself so hard into work and my new job in 2007, that

I want to do what I really want to, not just work. I was to the point that I felt all I was doing

was work, with no time for family or my horses.

2)Take another trip to the beach and the casino with Hubby, the weekend getaway thing.

3)Let my friends know how much I appreciate them, even though I am terrible about

keeping in touch.

4)Do the "extra" things to show my Hubby I love him. He took such good care of me, for the
second time, when I was down, I want to repay some of that. Maybe not so much as repay
but show how much I appreciate him.

5)Join the natural horsemanship group that meets around here and enjoy my horses!

Take the time to get involved in a horse group, something I havnt done being in 4-H with

the girls the last 11 years.

4. List 3 lessons you learned in 2008.

1)I learned that I am tougher than I think, again, but please give me the drugs so I dont

have to be. (as in med. stuff)

2)Good friends still do care, even though they have been caught up in their own problems


3)Wanting to be with and ride my horses drives me more than I knew, its what kept me

going when I was in the hospital.

5. Favorite read of the year.

Sara Douglas, Wayfarer Redemption series, I havnt read as much as I did before the surgery.

6.Favorite movie watched of the year.

The golden compass/The Bucket list

7.Most favorite Horsey moment of the year.

The first time I got back on a horse after all my surgeries and doctors and hospitals and radiation. I got on Mickey and rode her around bareback it felt so good and she was good, why her I dont know, as she tends to be flinchy when ridden bareback, overly sensitive, but she was good. I would have thought I would get on Emma. Mickey is so smooth in her movements though and doesnt jar you at all, she is a Cadillac, and an equitation trot to die for, she doesnt move you at all.

The good things were the hardest, I think I learned a lot of life lessons this year, I want to be done with the School of Hard Knocks!!!! But that is life, right?

Here is a picture from good times and good memories. Me on Joe, with my friends Traci and Patty. I still have the bridle he is wearing, I got it for my birthday at 12 or 13.


  1. That's quite a year! How are you feeling now?

  2. Yes it has been NM, I am doing pretty good now, I probably will never be "normal" again but I will deal with it. I can ride my ponies and that makes me HAPPY!!!

  3. That's a great list...glad I can be part of your new year in 2009!

  4. I love your blog and your photos. We have similar backgrounds, and, from the photos, have similar experiences with our kids. I look forward to reading more.

  5. gtyyup, I am glad you can be part of my new year too, I am "meeting" such wonderful people on blogger, it has been a real treat.

    S mtn, Thanks! I love your blog too, how is that new grandbaby?


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