Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sugar, Awesomest pony ever!!!!

Sugar is the cutest pony ever, grandpa Hunter bought her for Meghan when Meg was 7, we paid $400 for her, and she was 4 years old. She had some issues, she was deathly afraid of a lunge whip, she would run and run in circles and you would have to reel her in to stop her, poor baby, she got a lot better with kind handling. At the time my sister and her husband(now ex) managed the barn where she was for awhile, she bucked or tried to lie down when ridden, they put my nephew on her with spurs and broke her of that.I suspect that her former owners used a whip on her a lot, she had a lot of trust issues that we worked through.

Meghan practicing, look at the wooly bear shes riding LOL, and Mickey in the background.

After we brought her home we had no problems with her, she only bucked with Meg one time I can remember, I have a picture of that I will post tomorrow. I still think she is the prettiest pony ever!

Meghan rode her in junior 4-H for 3 years, and every year they would get mostly blues! Some reds and whites in the speed events cuz she was so little. I believe she was 10H tall and probably 350lbs, little girl, but not tiny, she was about as wide as she was tall, and I dont mean fat, you can see she was in really good shape.

I love the silver dapple color, we used a lot of bluing shampoo on that mane and tail! She did absolutely hate to have her butt wet with water LOL so it was a bit of a dance to get her bathed. The older 4-H girls found out that Sugar liked pop, and would drink it out of a can or bottle LOL

Bareback class at fair. They were so cute!

Standing in line after judging. Meghan rode her with spurs, but that is all she needed, she did everything Meghan asked her to, she was big enough that I would get on her at a walk only, and do any corrections she needed, she always managed to dump Sara LOL I always blamed it on Sara being so tall and having a high center of gravity LOL

It still strikes me how pretty she is, she was unique in a group of horses.

Meghan even rode her huntseat, again LOL arent they cute!!

Sugar did great in the trail class too, she would do all of the obstacles, which is more than I can say about the big horses LOL. Sometimes we would braid her mane like this to tame it.

And Sugar even put up with being glittered and painted and dressed up for gaming day LOL

More on Sugar later...........


  1. What a pretty little mare! Sounds lke you did very well with rebabing "problem horses.I love her color as well.

  2. Wow--what an unusual color--fascinating!! It's hard to find good ponies like that!! I'll look forward to the rest of her story. :)

  3. i just love love love ponies.She sounds like she was worth her weight in gold!

  4. That adorable pony is soooo>> ADORABLE!


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