Monday, January 12, 2009

My next horse......Mickey.

What do I do when I run out of horses, oh thats right I live with them LOL they are always up to something.
Lady McKenzie, is the next horse in my timeline. She is the first horse that I purchased as an adult. Mickey was an unbroke, spoiled (everyone fed her treats at the stable) 2 yr old when I bought her, originally for my husband, but we all know how far that went. He did try, I still give him that, to bad he is such a natural.

Mickey is a Hollywood Gold Bar, granddaughter, a good old friend still owns the stallion she was sired by, Hollywoods Dynamo, I bet he is 31 this year. That is her only claim to fame. her Dam was a QH/Morgan cross, her dams dam being a pony horse up at Long acres racetrack, when it was still open in Seattle, she was bred to one of the racehorses up there and Flame was born. The barn where they were had, at the time, a handicapped riding group, Flame was one of these horses. I thought with that background Mickey would be pretty mellow, NOT. Mickey was unused by the handicapped program, she was only two, and handled very little except for being led out to the arena at night, or out to the front paddock. She had not even been under a tree before.( I will tell you that story)anyway they couldnt use her so they posted her for sale. I made a bid on her and bought her for $300. I wont say it was a steal, she is one of my horses that has taught me the most, and the only one to send me to the hospital.(again my fault)

She isnt to bad looking for a 3/4QH-Morgan mare, she is about 3 in this picture. Wide shouldered and smooth gaited, she has a trot to die for and a rocking horse canter. To bad she was never very atheletic, but a really good trail horse.

Micky is the 2nd horse that I trained to ride. Dusty being the first. Mickey though had a bucking issue, that took me years to figure out. It ends up she is claustrophobic when cinched up. She only bucked with me on her one time, and that is because I hit her with my spur one to many times, my fault. But, she would buck as soon as you put the saddle on her, and I had to lounge her out of it for years. Despite all that, this little mare, she is 14.3, has not a mean bone in her body. And because of all the ground work she needed she has impeccable manners on the ground, and now that she is 20yrs old, shes not to bad in the saddle either.
Its funny to think that I have had her for that long, I almost sold her at one time, but she was still a little green when those folks came out.

The kids rode her a little bit, Sara here, and Meghan rode her in 4-H for 3 years,(ya this was before we did 4-H and started wearing our helmets) but thats the next post.......


  1. She sounds like an interesting horse ,I am looking forward to hearing/reading more . Not one to take the easy road were you?

  2. LOL FV the easy road hasnt been one of my habits in this life. I dont know if its just plain stubborness or what.


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