Monday, January 12, 2009

Doc report...

I finally got to see my Neurologist today. He also said everything looked good and I am ahead of the timeline he expected! I am getting some things back earlier than he thought I might. He also said that it could take 5 years for some of my deficits to resolve, if they are going to. Something to work on anyway. I go back in for speech therapy soon, to see if they can help me with that, ie I can not call the cat, as in "here kitty kitty" kitty doesnt come out right, and I still can not make the "R" sound. For those that dont know my tongue was part paralyzed by surgery of a tumor on my brainstem.( along with some other deficits that are left too)

Anyway just an update, dont have to have an MRI for another 9-12 months, and that is good! for my kind of tumor. Now I just need to RIDE, that will be good therepy!!


  1. Good to hear you are doing better! Gracie and I send our best! If you need anything please let me know! Are you back in the saddle yet? If not I'm sure you will be soon...Regardless horses are the best therapy..of for whatever ales you.


  2. Glad to hear that you are recovering well.
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  3. "...before we started wearing our helmets..."
    I am with you there. I rode for over 25 years without one, but once I had kidlets, my hubby insisted that I (and the kidlets) wear one. Now I feel naked without it! :)

    I am so happy for you in regards to your neuro report. You are one tough momma, and I am sure that your speech will back back to normal in no time!

  4. Wonderful news! Hope you keep up this steady pace of healing ,it must be all that clean living and horsey stuff you are doing!

  5. GOOD STUFF! I am glad all is clicking into place slowly.... yay!

  6. Glad you are feeling well. Riding is the best therapy!

    Did you know most men can't do the "here kitty kitty kitty" and get the tongue roll going? At least none of them in my family can. Ask the men in your life to give it a hollar!

  7. Nice to hear of the good report! Keep doing what you're doing~~

  8. Tammy thats funny! My hubby can do the kitty kitty though, I dont know about my son though LOL, something I will have to torture him with when he calls LOL

    Thanks everyone for all the good wishes!! I am doing all I can to get better, I am hoping riding will help with the balance issues, horses are good therepy mental and physical!


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